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Saturday 22 May 2021

Revolution: Now Or Never!

The problem confronting most Biafrans hinges solely on the ignorance of their values. This is the reason why they allow inconsequential beings to intimidate and harass them into silence. 

In sharp contrast to what obtains in Nigeria, brave individuals in other parts of civilized world have amongst them, at least fifty percent (50%) of Biafrans and Oduduwas, who yet disappointedly lack the requisite moral, to courageously speak up against the prevailing atrocities in their own fatherland. They rather remain hellbent, giving jaundiced support to the oppressors of their people due to fear and status complex. There is  virtually no known critic celebrity amongst them for instance, against the unwholesome developments taking place in Nigeria. Nollywood is predominantly Biafrans and Oduduwas (actors and actresses), but their voices have been drowned in the sea of complacency and cowardice while the scription of the marginalization and victimization of their own people hold sway. Why must it be so? What is really happening to Igbo Biafrans (Ndigbo) and the Yorubas (Oduduwa) races? Why this irresistible yieldedness to fear, deceipt and sychophancy? So many have pitiably been brainwashed. How come we have so cheaply and recklessly abandoned that brevity we are known for as a people? Who has injected this toxin into our system that has so terribly undone us?

Now is the time for us to redemptively retrace our steps and recover all that out of our own careless compromises, have been stolen from us. We must  have to completely recover all that the enemy has robbed us of, whether directly or indirectly. We cannot by any form, allow the Fulani janjaweed (Miyetti Allah), to overwhelm us and takeover our land. It is forbidden and must never be allowed.

* Revolution Now!

Now is the only chance. It is today and not tomorrow. We have over the years, suffered enough. We cannot allow our unborn children to come into this world to suffer the same fate. Our love for our sons and daughters should be brazenly demonstrated through our practical, courageous response to this call. It is urgent and uncompromisable. This must not be by mere confession but by rèolute action. We must speak up and let the entire global community come to terms with the predicaments confronting us. Standing aloff and not paying heed to this cry will be our greatest undoing. The truth about the suppression of our people must be loudly and clearly sounded. Our upcoming generations cannot be guaranteed a progressively secured future when we remain buried in our cowardice and false hope. All cannot be well, with our roads, hospitals, schools and other relevant infrastructures remaining either gravely dilapidated or not even provided. There is no good drinking water, our people in the rural communities cannot boast of electricity and all which are associated with good life. How can all be well?  This deception must stop!

Let us stand up now and ignite the revolution fire. Let the Pastors vehemently preach the gospel. Teachers should diligently teach the importance of this revolution mandate to the pupils and students.

* United States of America

General George Washington, led a bloody revolution in the United States of America (USA), between 1765 and 1783, that compelled the British overlords to shamefully vacate from Boston.

* Africa

4th June 1979, Flight lieutant Jerry John Rawlings, led a revolution in Ghana against corruption, bad governance, frustration, poverty and general lack of discipline, etcetera, that has progressively positioned Ghana today.

If revolution could successfully and expeditiously be carried out in the above mentioned countries that have bettered the lives of their citizens, why not also in Nigeria? There is absolutely no other time, for not just only Biafrans, but other indigenous nationalities, to arise from their slumber than now. The people must have to be freed from the shackles and bounds of the slavery of the unworkable One-Nigeria and be ushered into their liberty. There is no other veritable option.

Written by Sunday Okafor

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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