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Saturday 22 May 2021

The Synonimous Nature Of Cancer And A Saboteur

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, cancer means the following: 
(a ) A malignant tumor of potentially unlimited growth that expands locally by invasion and systemically by metastasis 
(B) An abnormal bodily state marked by such tumors 
(C) Something evil or malignant that spreads destructively 
e.g. the cancer of hidden resentment. 
Cancer as a health condition is medically dreaded. No medical practitioner would wish anyone to be a victim of cancer. Are you aware that every human on earth has cancer cells in his/her body system? But your diet, environment and life style can either suppress it to your freedom or grow it to your destruction. Cancer has a deadly mannerism which could be associated with the attitudinal nature of a saboteur. Cancer cells having developed in anyone's body, begins to suck the blood, disorganizes the body system of the victim and establishes its dominion by consistently increasing its territory of infection through destructive invasion. Cancer is a malignant tumor of potentially unlimited growth. That is why you cannot joke with a cancerous condition. Cancer being malignant in nature, depicts how dangerous it is to ignore its early symptoms or accommodate its obviousness. Cancer engages its victims purposely to a fatal end. Because of the malignant nature of cancer, serious funds have been invested on different media platforms by world governments and health agencies to promote awareness to the public on the avoidable dangers of cancer to the society and its inhabitants. 
No amount of awareness given to educate the public on dangers of being a saboteur is regarded as over emphasis. A saboteur is as dangerous as a cancer cell in a human body. A saboteur allowed to develop, behaves like cancer cells which spreads from its first point of attack to other parts of the body intentionally, leading to a fatal end. It's a fatal disaster to have a saboteur in any system. A single saboteur after first invasion like a cancer cell multiplies, which means engagement of new recruitments of saboteurs leading to frustration of the people and their goal. 
Coming to Biafra restoration, saboteurs are infesting different localities of Biafraland with the sole intentions of corrupting the system to disengage the people from the mindset of freedom, to the mindset of slavery with soft but deadly approach of meeting the stomach's needs. 
Just as cancer cells are checkmated by a good diet, health thriving environment and healthy lifestyle; so are saboteurs curbed from their dangerous sellouts by not letting them feed the gullible with wrong information on means of living. Saboteurs are deadly and so should be dealt with through deadly approach or the whole structure of Biafra freedom struggle will collapse. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), have done so much work towards the restoration of Biafra leading to economical and social freedom of the people at last. But allowing the infestation and invasion of saboteurs to thrive, will certainly slow down the restoration speed or completely throw it to the rocks for total peril. Saboteurs are more deadly than the enemy they are working for. Without a saboteur, an enemy becomes very cheap to take down. Sympathizing with a saboteur is a self sellout which will make a sudden end of life. 
Biafra restoration being the global call from all people of Biafra, should be taken as a sacrosanct gesture. No form of corruption should be given any room to grow within and without. Every act of sabotage should whybe treated as a cancer cell which if not stopped, will be a death knell. 
Written by Donald Okorie 
Edited by Chibueze Daniel 
For Family Writers Press International

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