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Wednesday 12 May 2021

The Colonialists' Abuse Of Africa And The Criminal Compromise Of Identity

The crowing irony nowadays is that the participants in the abuse of our history are Africans themselves. The foremost culprits are the rulers of these territories that the colonial powers carved up. These rulers misused the fresh opportunity which independence struggles offered. They refused to restore the former systems by ditching the contraption (Nigeria) that bequeathed to them by through colonial invaders. Alll the Fulani-controlled regimes have over the years, fought so zealously, to maintain an unworkable One-Nigeria. It only serves their narrow aim of marginalising and exploiting all other indigenous communities across the length and breadth of the contraption. 
The idea of this European "modern state", that is benefitting Africa more, is clearly untrue. The cobbled Nigerian state alone, has been a crime scene on a monumental scale. Encapsulated therein, was the slaughter of over five (5) million Biafrans – including maiming, kidnapping, rape and killing of thousands even till date. The Africa which the European invaders first arrived in, was distinctively green, too. Today however, the horrifyingly massive oil pollution of the Delta region (in bight of Biafra), means the indigenous communities cannot even drink their own water or fish. 
In the words of John Hersey, ‘‘Journalism allows it's readers to witness history’’. But the casual way journalists in Nigeria ignore the cruel facts of history is at odds with what the profession is famed for. Journalists’ use of the word "nation", or "sovereignty',’ to describe Nigeria contributes towards handcuffing disparate communities to this failed state. Another example is the mainstream media referring to the newest post-independent Nigerian dictators as founding fathers. Yet one of their founding fathers, Tafawa Balewa, once confessed that the North and the South can never unite successfully to form a state. The infamous Frederick Lugard, the colonial administrator who formed Nigeria, had similar doubts.   
Ignorance of history along with spineless cowardice, drives this Nigerian styled journalism, peddling the whitewashed version of our past. Thanks to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, through whom millions now see Nigeria as a product of the arrogance and ignorance of the whitemen. It is clearly telling that only under his leadership, people are joining in droves in refusing to be hog-tied to Nigeria. Therein lies the liberating power of African history.  
Written by G. E. Anukwe
Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu
For Family Writers Press International

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