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Thursday 13 May 2021

The False Narrative Of The Nigerian Army And The Mainstream Media


The Nigerian  military just announced the arrest of the second in command of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) after Ikonso, in Imo State. This, many know as a lie from the pit of hell. Institutionalized lying to hoodwink gullible citizens is an act which has been perfected over the years. The Nigerian media as usual, are busy writing junks about the purported arrest without making proper investigations. First of all, the man they arrested is an old man and such a person within that age bracket, is not in ESN. ESN is made up of young, vibrant men and women in their late thirties (30s) and below.  
The Nigerian army went into a Jewish temple in Aba, Abia Stste as they always do and forcibly arrested a man simply because they saw a picture which he took with the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), Mazị Nnamdị Kanụ, back then in 2017. The sole reason for his arrest was because of this picture and nothing else. The media which ought to have conducted an investigation to assertain the real fact, are nowhere to be found, carrying out professional duties. This man in question, has committed no crime, has no flaw and it is so disheartening that the Nigerian military is hellbent on Killing the peace and love in the South-East region. It is also so annoying that the mainstream media is dishing out fallacious lies to gullible Nigerians without any investigation. The army said soldiers stormed the hideout of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) and if I may I ask, can the army show us the hideout? Can they tell us where they arrested this innocent man? Can they tell us how they knew he is an ESN member? 
We have to remember, that no one can kill the love and Peace that people enjoy and expect a tranquil atmosphere. No one can destroy the love and peace of the people and expect silence and normalcy. The sad tale of Boko Haram and Unknown Gunmen which ought to have taught Nigeria a lesson, seems not to have done that. 
For those spiting the Unknown Gunmen, hope you can see what the Nigerian army is doing to the innocent citizens now? What have you said about that? Why no attached vilification and disdain in this? 
Let me say it again, you cannot kill the peace and love the people enjoy and expect silence and calm. Wisdom they say is profitable to direct.  
Written by Mazị Samuel Uchenna
Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu
For Family Writers Press International

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