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Thursday 6 May 2021

The Rare Feat Of The Unknown Gunmen (UGM)

There is a reason why these individuals are called unknown. We only get to know them by their actions. They have been speaking volumes through their activities. They leave a unique, indelible foot print wherever  they visit. They have become a terrible nightmare to those who have terrorized Biafrans for years. When the enemies see them, they jump over the fences and those who cannot, are being sent to their maker for judgment.

Many times, we wish we know who these mysterious men are so that we can point to them, more places to visit. Prayers are being said for them, many jubiliate each time they find where these men have left their unique footprints. We say fight on until justice is served to the oppressed people of Nigeria and until our nation Biafra is restored. And to those pleading with the Unknown Gunmen to cease fire, something appears to be wrong. No sane person will ask these men to quit fighting against oppression and injustice at this point in time. Their fight is against the terrorists in Nigeria army and police uniforms that have killed many innocent folks and harvested their organs. 

Nigeria is not normal. Nigeria has finally set herself ablazed. In any given REVOLUTION, there is no premature ceasefire. If what triggered the action is not achieved, considering a ceasefire is self-defeatist. If there ever comes a ceasefire without the goals being met, it then means that the drivers have lost focus. That will definitely embolden the oppressors. The scenerio of #ENDSARS protest in the country in 2021, is still fresh in our memory and suprisingly, it does yet appear that some people still have not learnt their lesson. 

A ceasefire will be considered suicidal in any REVOLUTION without achieving set goals. The only thing that make the consideration of a ceasefire possible,  is a ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION, with a well documented promise of a sincere and truthful REFERENDUM and not just like the empty promises made to the #ENDSARS Campaigners. It should always be remembered that Nigeria is not normal and the administrators are slippery liars.

To the naive or ill-informed folks asking the the unknown gunmen to hold their fire, has REFERENDUM been granted? Have officials of the Department of Security Services (DSS), stopped abducting and killing our people especially Eastern Security Network (ESN) members? Now they are doing the unimagined through the arrest of the wives of perceived ESN members. Has Fulani jihadi insurgency ended? Have the reasons for the appearance of the Unknown Gunmen been addressed? Has Fulani TERRORISM stopped? What exactly has been achieved to make the call for a ceasefire?

Nigeria does not appreciate peaceful protests. The government security agents killed us at Lekki toll gate. They killed us at the Onitsha headbridge. They killed us at Emene, they killed us at Aba high school, they killed us at Nkpor, they killed us at Igwuocha. They continue to kill us in our homes even up till this date. 

Let the campaign continue. Biafrans appreciate this courageous fight until justice is wholesomely delivered with the emergence of an independent Biafra.

Your victory is our victory and it is sure in Chukwuokike Abiama's (God's) name, Iseeeeee!


Written by
Samuel Uchenna

Edited by Vivian Ezihie 

Family Writers International Press

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