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Tuesday 8 June 2021

Jihadism: An Enterprising Inheritance For Both Fulanis And Palestinians

May 27, 1967, was the day the Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA) mandated Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu to declare the Republic of Biafra. A declaration he made on May 30, 1967. Like Biafra, an existential war raged between Israel and some of the 22 Arab Islamic countries that surround it that same year. 
In recent times, 4000 plus rockets were fired by Hamas (a terror organization ruling Gaza) from a civilian area into the Israeli civilian population. By that act, Hamas has committed double war crimes. However, before the ceasefire was brokered after 11 days of hostilities with over 250 casualties mostly Palestinians, many in the mainstream media and Hollywood, largely influenced and manipulated by the globalists were critical of Israel. They referred to Israel as an apartheid state. Just recently, a  wholly anti-Israeli and biased United Nations Human Rights Council resolution, accused Israel of a war crime, quote: ”There is a sense that Israel's response was probably a war crime because they did not sufficiently avoid civilian casualties.” Resolutions like this point to how the diplomats roll. They stoke crisis. It is black and white. 
Before the hypocrisy of the diplomats is highlighted, let us help the kids to understand the situation. And by kids I mean the Instagram generation. They do not know anything about history. 
The resolution is not about justice. Justice is not served when the party protecting their civilians from harm is proclaimed a villain while the other putting civilians in harm’s way is patted on the back. Furthermore, in a full display of hypocrisy, there is no such resolution for Biafra and Ambazonia whose indigenous civilian population have suffered untold and indescribable carnage and neglect. These resolutions are divisive and have been as old as 1948. 
This conflict is not about land, either. Israel is a Jewish state created in 1947. A tiny portion of land surrounded by 22 Arab countries. The Arabs who claim to be Palestinians would have chosen a better portion of the tiny land being the first implored by the United Nations to so do. They rejected the offer chosen but instead to chant, “From the river to the sea,” a slogan interpreted to mean destruction of the Jewish State. That chant is similar to the Fulani chant, “Insha Allah, we shall deep the Koran into the Atlantic ocean.” Biafraland is a small portion of land, perhaps, smaller than the Sambisa forest. The Fulanis have chosen, just like their fellow Arabs against Israel, war time and again against Biafrans. 
For those who will question why United Nations will give Palestinian land to the Jews and therefore label them an apartheid state, I say not so fast. 
There is a difference between apartheid South Africa controlled by England and Holland and the conflict between Israel and Gazans or Palestinians. Whereas English and Dutch were not ancestral but usurping the indigenous people, the Jews have been in the area since about 1200 B.C. before the first Muslim or Arab walked this earth. And Jerusalem was their eternal capital. Yes, it’s true that colonization had gone on but it was the Jews who were occupied by everyone. First the Romans, then the Persians, then the Byzantines and then the Ottomans. It does appear that the Arabs have a penchant for occupying and dominating people. The Fulanis' urge to occupy can never be assuaged. So, what is happening in Biafraland is a real apartheid aided and abetted again, chiefly by England and nobody wants to talk about it. 
What then is the conflict about? It is about religion. It is about the destruction of Jews and Judeo-Christian societies. It is the forceful expansion and domination of Islam obstacled by that tiny clan with global influence. In the British created Nigeria, Biafra is that cog in the Fulani wheel of progress. Islamization agenda is demystified and Fulani is losing their heads, committing unfathomable abuse of human rights, in the process.

The issue is like night and day. Distinguishable. One is therefore, at a loss as to why United Nations is not doing what needs to be done to resolve conflicts and bring peace to the world? There is a background answer to that. Since nobody wants to say it for fear of it being labeled a conspiracy theory, here it goes: The United Nations is controlled by globalists who could care less. In fact, the globalists have a mantra, “Do not let a good crisis go to waste.” 
The first 12 years of Prophet Mohammed was the only time Islam was a peaceful movement. Afterwards, it became a violent political movement shrouded in religion. The annihilation of over 270 million lives throughout the life span of the first caliphate by Prophet Mohammed was not enough to declare him a terrorist, instead he was martyred. The globalists (sons and daughters of Lucifer) saw an opportunity and have put it to use eversince. As soon as World War 2 ended, the globalists (beneficiaries of World Wars 1 and 2), began execution of their religious World War 3 plan with the opportunity of Israel-Palestine conflict and other man made religious conflicts across Africa offer. 
The globalists control the military industrial complex, Hollywood celebrities, politicians and diplomats. They have determined that the world is over populated and rewarding a terrorist will serve their purpose of depopulation. It will guarantee war without end. Wars, famine, pandemic, etcetera, are necessary tools for depopulation according to eugenicists (globalists). These people are self-serving warmongers, pushing global policies, advancing agendas and vested interests. This is why United Nations will never condemn Hamas or Fulani terrorists. This is why Joe Biden has promised to give the Palestinians millions of dollars. This way, they will buy more rockets from Iran. He also promised to replenish the used Iron Dome interceptors for Israel. Such wars also enable the globalists to test a new hardware or technology like the artificial intelligence (AI) tested in real war time for the first time in the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Leahy act the U.S enacted was in reality, a lip service. The United States of America and Britain with other western countries have continued to support and supply ammunition to the Fulanis – even though they knew that 6 terrorist groups are under their control. These they use in exterminating poor Biafrans or as they would put it “black monkeys.” 
Since terrorism is rewarded and peacefulness criminalized, perhaps, the world should note that like the Jews, Biafrans are good at capitalism (profit making). It will not be a bad idea to fully support the globalist and liberal establishment figures and make the world less safe. We are not going to lament anymore. If we cannot be safe in our land, nobody will be – not the Russians, British, French and Americans. This is the choice we have made until freedom comes. One thing is certain, we shall never be slaves to the Fulanis. Our ancestors were killed for resisting slavery. This is why we honor their bravery on every May 30. This generation is determined to actualize what they started. 
Written and edited by Chibueze Daniel 
For Family Writers Press International

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  1. The person the wrote this little note ought to do more research do not let the wop poisoned mind of few causing you are trying to tell something you know about the state of Isreal was not started till 1947 they was not problems till 1947/48 the area as it was know was just the Levent Arabs i repeat just Arabs lived there after the WW2 The idiots that lived their now are not the real jews but Khazi 1/2 part of the jews who are mostly Europeans why should they be given right to lands since you have also plagiarised yourself by saying it not about land listen your leader we agree is doing ot trying to do a good job but please do not bring the bible or sentiments into this as people are listening and adhering with most of what you people do and say


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