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Tuesday 8 June 2021

War Mongers And The Demand For Referendum

The constant reminder of the gruesome genocidal war called the Biafra war, cannot in anyway, demonize the rightful quest for the unfettered restoration of the nation of Biafra. Such will continually catalize that bold demand. The only reason behind this callous recall of extermination drive, hinges on the vicious role of the Nigerian media on the consciousness of the indigenous citizens which tends to picture the call for referendum as an act of war. This is another vista opened to demonize the will of the people. But some salient questions that have not been asked are: Is Nigeria presently not at war? Is the basis of the so-called unity established alongside the natural boundaries? What other relevant means beside the legitimate demand for referendum, could really usher in peaceful coexistence of the diverse indigenous nations amalgamated? All that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), have been demanding is peace through acts of selfless media enlightenment campaign driven by the tenets of basic civil rights encapsulated in self-determination and not war.

Without reservation, it should be noted that today's Nigeria, is fanning the embers of self-destructive war which are callously been driven through the exertion of despotic antecedents on the citizens. This position may be criticized or disagreed with but it is necessary to state the glaring truth here. If really there is no war, why the existence of different refugee camps virtually in all the regions in Nigeria with the exception of Biafraland? This is because the operatives of Eastern Security Network (ESN), have so tenaciously, defended the Eastern region (Biafraland), against the Fulani Islamic terrorists whom the Nigeeian government deceitfully termed foreign invaders.

This concern has been so rattling to the people who have been criminally sidelined by the compromised Nigerian media. Basic critical questions have unfortunately, been failed being asked pertaining the reason why people are so "displaced from their homes and communities" according to media parlance when there is no natural disaster? The media and even the people seem to have forgotten how in few years past, the Inspector-General of Police told the world that these marauding Fulani Islamic killers, are not Nigerians but foreigners. One other very important question that has been carefully avoided is, why have these so-called foreigners (terrorists) not been apprehended and prosecuted?

It has remained puzzling why the tyrannic Nigerian government appears weak in unleashing it's full might via the military, on these killer aliens who are blatantly hellbent on forcefully overrunning/dominating the ancestral lands of the indigenous people. Why the conspiracy of silence by the Buhari administration over the unabated criminal invasion and the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people by the Fulani terrorists? It is expediently, a call for concern for all freedom lovers to roundly speak up against this state-sponsored murderous spree. Today, instead of the Nigerian government to protect the helpless people from the vampiric onslaught of the invading terrorists, it is rather shamelessly, backing the criminals in their mad drive of relentless ethnic cleansing, thereby aggravating tension and insecurity across the country.

In it's shrewd contempt of demonizing innocent citizens, the Nigerian government has resorted to blackmail and oppression amidst gruesome massacres of the terrorists tagged bandits, instead of humbly strategizing for peace and all inclusive/unbiased policies. The people haven therefore not received any form of security coverage/assurance over lives and properties, have totally.resorted to self-defence for survival as a legitimate right as obtained in civilized societies globally. All those that are beating the drums of war therefore, should remember that unlike the Nigeria/Biafra war of 1967 to 1970, any such intent in the present time, will spell monumental doom for everyone. The restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra, has irreversibly crossed the rubicon of sabotage and supression. The will of the people has definitely assumed the centre stage and like the words of Chinualumogu Achebe of blessed memory, That count is Biafra and it must be restored.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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