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Friday 6 August 2021

The Legacy Of Slavery, Colonialism, Neo-Colonialism, Britain And Global Silence

 The Legacy Of Slavery, Colonialism,  Neo-Colonialism, Britain And Global Silence

"The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing", said by Edmund Burke. 

What is White Supremacy? 

According to Oxford Dictionary, White Supremacy is the belief that white people constitute a superior race and should therefore dominate the society, typically to the exclusion or detriment of other racial and ethnic groups in particular, blacks and Jews. 

Has The British Portrayed Characteristics Relatable To The Above Definition? 

Most Africans are familiar with tribalism, classism, racism and simple discrimination based on caste, social status, race, religion or creed. White supremacy can be said to be the mother of them all. White Supremacy as championed today inherently, continued from racism and slavery. Areas where white supremacy is widely mentioned and attributed to action are in USA, Canada, UK and other western countries. Meanwhile, racism against blacks in USA will not be a thing without slavery. There, members of organizations like the Kukluxklan, Proud boys, Nazis etcetera, are the footsoldiers who take most of the blame when they riot, kill and/or destroy properties. These cults are known for sustaining the confederate flag and war memorabilia. They have protested against toppling confedrate war sculptures and monument by activists who see them as racists for fighting to keep slavery of black people. The concept of supremacy by whites was used to persuade the black man to submit to slavery. It was used to justify the act of slavery as well as clear the conscience of the slavemasters who were mostly christian Europeans. In the USA, they set up the Kukluxklan which captured and punished slaves for various offenses. The division of Africa among the colonial Europeans, gave them the power to exploit it to the last dime. They also built and sustained administrative blocks and systems to maintain their power, stranglehold on resources and minerals, political control and policies, as well as non-political loopholes! 

Yes! From their first discovery on record which is the Niger River till date by Mungo Park and his criminal gang of British explorers, grave injustice undeniably connoting White Supremacy has been sustained in Nigeria and Africa at large. The British colonial intent was total exclusion of the indigenous people. This is notably recorded in Canada, Australia, USA, Mexico, etc. The British overlords expanded through Europe to the Americas, Asia and Africa and in their wake, was destruction of civilisations, looting of art and cultural property, forced labor, forceful religious emancipation and outright genocide. 

Notable genocide of the Canadian Indian natives, Benin empire destruction and looting, exiles of Niger Delta King Jaja Opobo, destruction of Arochukwu Jewish temple and Christianisation of the Igbos. While the post colonial objective is appropriation of commonwealth and sustenance of interests acquired during colonial period, a simple difference of syntax and semantics. The use of treacherous indigenous people in aiding and abetting the practice of unnatural selection now, as was the case then, does not make their crime less inhumane. 

Britain supplied more than 90% of arms to the Nigerian government that slaughtered Biafrans in 1967 to protect their oil interests from 1967 to 1970. This is an example of the British putting their business interests above the lives of more than 3 million Biafrans who they killed indirectly. How can we attribute problems, crisis, massacres, racism and poverty in this day and age to the same wicked attributes of colonialism and continuing White Supremacy that started centuries ago especially in Nigeria. The world has not changed any much more than it was then. Colonialism and slavery have stopped officially but definitely alive unofficially. 

They have sustained the parasitic relationship via various means. They produce and threaten others with weapons of mass destruction. Their multinational companies continue to exploit natural resources from these areas while their culture of slavery continues via unequal wage structure, unfair competition, unfair meddling, outright interventions, association and promotion of corrupt leaders thereby, covering up the corruption and collusion like Shell and Eni-Total, upholding double standards by arresting some accused of corruption while sparing others. 

What Have The Self-Professed Good Men And Women Done? 

In the case of the USA which figured the British impunity and sacked them via a war of independence, they realized the fear of their enemies like Russia, to create co-dependent treaties for protection like NATO etc. These organizations help them to work together instead of sustaining each others interests like in the case of Biafra and Nigeria. The USA's hands are tied because of their alliance, while the United States Government acknowledges that the rights of Biafrans are being violated. They kept quiet until 6 million Jews were destroyed. Who then are the good men if they are all in alliance with our killers? 

Newton's physical law of equality and opposition of action and reaction is a common knowledge. There is only a limit to what a suffering people can endure. The British obviously understand that Biafrans are not a dying breed despite their covert and overt action and inaction. Therefore, what is their end game? What do they wish to accomplish by killing Biafrans since they set foot on our land? What do they gain by supporting Nigeria which stifles our dreams? Resources are not indefinite most sincerely. The world goes round and round and empires. How will our children see Britain tomorrow if they are sitting on our heads today? Are they going to also seat on our children like they sat on our fathers yesterday? If the British do not run white supremacist  government and do not hate their mixed race or black constituents, how then do we explain what the same government did in Africa and is continually doing to us even today? Someone said you can appeal to your oppressors emotions but these are moms and dads. 

They have sons like our mothers and fathers. Make peaceful change possible for Africans and Biafrans to change the narrative for good. Australia is paying reparations for what the British did to their indigenous people, the USA is doing same, Canada is making it easy to right the wrongs to natives. Why is Britain going the opposite direction by trying to uphold their racist invention - Nigeria, even after killing millions? The treatment given to Maazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, a British citizen,  by the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs Office, has blown open the pretentious lies of Britain about fighting for freedom and democracy. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, after being renditioned/smuggled from Kenya by Nigeria, UK has even refused to officially acknowledge that the rights of Biafrans are being violated. They kept quiet aelier until 6 million Jews were destroyed. They did the same in Biafra. Who really are the good men then when they are in alliance with our killers? A Jewish British citizen was kidnapped and taken to another country against his choice, yet Britain condemned Lukashenko for commandering a plane to arrest a dissident years ago. Is fighting for the freedom of the Biafran people Nnamdi Kanu's sin, being black or being Jewish? Britains silence is loud as the dying cry of many Biafrans are being arrested by the Nigerian government.

The British government in helping the terrorists Fulani to abduct Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has once again shown their disdain for others. He being black and Jewish, is like a double whammy! How can they be smart enough to know what they want? It gets clearer and clearer! Shun white supremacy or go down with it! Britain's choice is to lead millions of white supremacists out of their prejudices, the same way it begat them!

Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Emmanuel Iwu 

For Family Writers Press International.

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