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Tuesday 12 April 2022

Insecurity: Governor Soludo Should Recall What The Real Safety Threats Of The Anambra People Are

 Insecurity: Governor Soludo Should Recall What The Real Safety Threats Of The Anambra People Are

As long as the executive governor of Anambra State have continued making pronouncements regarding the security challenges in the State. I do wish to call his attention to the list of security threats bedeviling the people of Anambra, and the wider South East region. They are:

1. Akuzu SARS

2. Nigerian Military Officer with no official identify

3. Fulani herdsmen

4. Political Thugs.

If the Governor of Anambra State truly desires to fight insecurity to a standstill in his state, he should first visit the Akuzu Abattoir. That police station is supposed to be investigated and closed down completely. The disappearance of various youths of Anambra have mostly had a trace to the Akuzu police station. Why is there no panel of inquiry and an independent investigators assigned to uncover the atrocities by the police in that station.

The next thing Governor Soludo should look into is why there are Nigerian Military Officers with no official identify in Anambra. This is the most recent and brutal of all the security challenges. Chukwuma Soludo should as a matter of urgency, request the identity of all military officers who are posted to Amass road blocks along our peaceful communities. This will help protect lives of citizens and commuters along our roads and checkmate unprovoked killing of civilians. Enough of such wanton killings by unidentifiable Nigerian military personnel.

The Fulani herdsmen is the next in this list. According to word terrorism index, this group is the 4th most deadliest terror group in the world. The former inspector general of Police called them foreigners right on the floor of the Senate. So, they should be rightly seen as such. These Invaders have consistently raped our mothers, killed our fathers, kidnapped our young girls and occupied our farmlands. They pose community insecurity and must be evacuated from Anambra. The only security system that has fought the excesses of this group is Eastern Security Network(ESN).  Gov. Soludo should do something imminently about the remaining activities of this group. It is most necessary now because, averting any possibility of food scarcity in Anambra should also be part of his plans.

Finally, the harms being caused by political thugs must be stopped. These are politically active and paid civilians, used to stir tension within the state. They are used by politicians to destroy the people and their collective economic stability. Examples of political thugs are the touts popularly called "AGBORO", used to suppress the voice of the average citizens, and protect the interests of corrupt leaders.

If the executive Governor of Anambra State, Chukwuma Soludo wishes to eradicate insecurity and promote social and economic development within Anambra State then he must tackle these terrors and not keep a blind eye. If he feigns ignorance of these, and keep unfairly trying to wrongly involve IPOB in the insecurity of Anambra, then he is either not honest about his plans on security, or he is hypocritical.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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