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Thursday 8 September 2022

Nigeria: A Dilapidated Country, Unfortunately Aided By Extreme Religious Falsehood

 Nigeria: A Dilapidated Country, Unfortunately Aided By Extreme Religious Falsehood

Religion, especially in Nigeria, is filled with dogma. A dogma, simply put, is a doctrinaire. Which means seeking to impose a doctrine in all circumstances without regard to practical considerations. Without being ambiguous, it is an act of men levying laws upon others in order to achieve their narrow interest. Put in another way, religion is the same thing as spiritual weakness. It is the opium or pill been consumed by Nigerian youths as food and the vendors are the ones they call their spiritual leaders; General overseers, Imams, Alfas, Pastors and Priests.

Religion is not the same as ‘spirituality.’

 But Nigerians have been falsely made to think the both are the same.

 Any person that is spiritually strong, cannot be physically inactive. But, this is the deplorable state of youths in Nigeria. While some countries invest more than half of their budget on education, innovations, research and development, commerce and industries, etc., the contraption called Nigeria borrows to fund its unnecessary budget. Still, all sectors remain dead.


When will the people in this geographical area rise to reclaim their humanness, and stop being held in unproductivity in the name of being religious.

A people who do not know what they want can never achieve anything good. That is the condition Nigeria and its youths find themselves now. Power supply is a scarce commodity and those privileged to be in this sector decides when and whom gets what. The poor services of the telecommunication companies are unaffordable. There is absolutely no industries, and to crown it all, the wicked government policies are witch-hunting everyone. The mantra, 'only in the contraption called Nigeria can all these be accepted as normal,' is proclaiming Nigeria ‘beyond repair.’

It is only in the contraption called Nigeria that the medical and education sectors would be shut down for more than ten months. What becomes of a people whose teachers, lecturers and doctors are all on strike indefinitely? I will tell you: Half baked graduates, uneducated professors and incompetence everywhere. And, as the masses groan due to the cumbersome burden, the exploiters are offered a front row by the self acclaimed religious leaders, thereby rewarding them for theft, treachery and wickedness. This satanic work by spiritual weaklings who spreads falsehood is given a pass by the Nigerian government controlled media channels. 

This is the reason why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, a man who hates and exposes the evil Nigeria stands for was extraordinarily renditioned all the way from Kenya to Nigeria against all international and human right laws. 

Anyone who speaks against these evils will be arrested, whereas terrorists who attack barracks and villages killing anything that moves are handsomely rewarded and absorbed into the military for further terrorism. Biafrans and other Indigenous peoples do not want anything to do with Nigeria. It is clear Nigeria is dead in the spirit. The right thing is to let people go their separate ways.



Written by Cindy Etuk

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International

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