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Wednesday 9 November 2022

Biafrans Insist That Exiting The Lawless Nigeria Is The Only Way To Guarantee Survival

  Biafrans Insist That Exiting The Lawless Nigeria Is The Only Way To Guarantee Survival 

At about this time over 50 years ago, a British-educated lieutenant colonel, Yakubu Gowon led an army of to destroy and terrorize Biafrans, all for the pleasure of Harold Wilson, the then British prime minister.

Biafrans never wanted to be in Nigeria because Nigeria became a hellscape for them; genocide and pogrom from seemingly fellow citizens became the new norm. Britain did not need normalcy, because they wanted the natural resources in Biafraland. Rather, the military interference through a coup provided Britain with an opportunity to achieve a lifelong dream of a proxy war with Biafrans. So, they contracted the Fulanii controlled Nigerian military terrorists, led by the puppet Colonel Yakubu Gowon to kill all Biafrans - mostly Igbo speaking Biafrans - with all kinds of bombs, guns and other logistics supplied by the British. 

The whole time; before, during and after the war, the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC) which is the instrument for sowing racial and ethnic disharmony and discord, was utilized fully for dissemination of disinformation and misinformation, the purpose of its creation.

For no legitimate reasons, Biafrans were slaughtered like lambs in northern Nigeria. And when they ran to their homeland, the Nigerian military terrorists led by the puppet Gowon pursued them to their land and decimated them beyond recognition. As this happened, the British Broadcasting Corporation misled the world community by labelling the victims `rebels'.

The atrocities committed by the Nigerian terrorist-military are there for the world to see. The violence levied on Biafrans are both physical, emotional and traumatizing; it is verifiable and the shambolic declaration of "No Victor No Vanquished" is like a transparent cover, including other efforts at hiding evidences, on the shameful acts sponsored by the British.

One of the many reasons Biafrans do not want to be in Nigeria is 'corruption'. It is the foundation upon which Nigeria is built. Every election in nigeria is rigged and does not represent the interest of the people. David Cameron, a former British prime minister described Nigeria as "fantastically corrupt". Human rights are being stifled by the system, Court orders are not obeyed. Even "The Aburi Accord", an international agreement was disobeyed by Nigeria. A treaty does not mean anything to a rogue country: that is the feature of Nigeria.

More than fifty years after the British sponsored genocide on Biafrans, on the "Igbo speaking Biafrans" especially, Nigeria has not recorded any growth, and there has never been peace, unity or progress. And, this is not surprising, because Nigeria is an illegal union that has no international agreement or document supporting her existence.

Biafrans want Nigeria to obey its own court order and release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu(a British citizen of color). Biafrans wants to be granted a referendum. Biafrans wants to peacefully exit the lawless and roguish Nigeria, go their separate way and secure her people and boundaries. 



Written by Cindy Etuk

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Family  Writers Press International

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