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Thursday 10 November 2022

IPOB Have No Spokesman Or Spokesperson, We Only Have A Media And Publicity Secretary---Chika Edoziem, IPOB head of Directorate announced

 IPOB Have No Spokesman Or Spokesperson, We Only Have A Media And Publicity Secretary---Chika Edoziem


Yesterday, the 9th of November, 2022, the Head of the Directorate of States for the Indeginous people of Biafra(HDOS-IPOB), Mazi Chika Edoziem addressed Biafrans and the entire lovers of freedom round World, via Radio Biafra. Part of his speeches unequivocally stated that "IPOB have no spokesperson or spokesman in her organizational structure. Rather, the group have a media and publicity secretary in the person of Emma Powerful. Powerful's office still, is under the media department of IPOB.


Edoziem further stated that comrade Emma powerful, who is not only recognized by Biafrans, but also by various Nigerian Media houses for his authenticity in IPOB media/public relations has not be replaced by anyone.


The IPOB HDOS categorically stated that the group have for long, provided specific mediums through which the public and members are communicated and messaged. And they are :


1. Through press statements released by the media and publicity secretary for IPOB, Comrade Emma Powerful.


2. Through Memo published by the Directorate of States on their verified website and social media platforms.


3. Through Announcement made on Radio Biafra London by the HDOS or any other officer authorized by the leadership of IPOB to make such announcement.


This special address comes as criminal government agents in their impersonating ploy, and in collaboration with the Nigerian media are busy misinforming the gullible against IPOB and her structure.


Mazi Edoziem therefore warned those criminals to desist from such act forthwith or face the wrath of IPOB in the near future.



Onyemachi Gabriel, reporting


For Family Writers Press International

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