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Monday 28 November 2022

ENUGU: 82 Division GOC Is Responsible For The Rise Of Fulani Terrors In The State

  ENUGU: 82 Division GOC Is Responsible For The Rise Of Fulani Terrors In The State

Information available to the intelligence of the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) states that the General Officer Commanding(GOC) 82 Division of the Nigerian Army Enugu State, Major General Umar Musa is the cause for the upsurge in kidnappings & killings by Fulanis in the state. 

Recall that different parts of Enugu State have continually experienced heightened Kidnaps and killings in recent months, weeks and days. One of such instance is a place called "4-Corners", along the road leading to Udi local government. A report from a Family Writers Press correspondent in Enugu confirmed that this said area have witnessed daily kidnaps and different other crimes perpetrated on a daily basis by Fulani terrorist, since the past one month.

Also, in Udi local government of the state, several Kidnappings and robberies by these Fulani sects, have been consistently witnessed on the road leading from "Eke to Affa".

And worst still at Iziuzo, the indigenes of Aguamede Community of Ehamufu Zone in Iziuzo local government area, were heavily invaded by these same Fulani blood sucker in almost all days and nights of the past one week. Report has it that over twenty (20) lives have been lost. 

Currently as at the time of writing this report, the Aguamede village and surrounding is deserted.

It is worthy to note here that at no instance of these attacks by Fulani gun men has the military or police intervened. Infact, the one of 4-corners happens nearby a military check-point. But, we confirmed that on 24th of November, 2022, the women from the Iziuzo area who attempted protesting against these terrors in the land were dispersed by police and soldiers who came and shot live bullets and tear-gas sporadically at the innocent protesters mostly aged mothers. And, these are the same police that never answered the people's call for intervention while Fulani were on rampage killing innocent Enugu indigenes. 

All these outlined unbecoming circumstances and more, got this highly escalated since GOC Umar Musa was transferred to Enugu 82 Division military barrack. So, IPOB intelligence were compelled to embark on thorough investigations. 

According to the findings of the intelligence unit, "this Fulani army general, Umar Musa has caused a lot of problems in northern Nigeria by killing a lot of indigenous people". "States in western region of Nigeria and many other state governments have all rejected Major General Musa from being posted to their states, because of his shady background and strong sympathy for Boko Haram and ISWAP". "Biafrans must stand up because this man is a looming danger to the Enugu metropolis". 

IPOB intelligence also gathered that "this General Musa was transferred from Kaduna where kidnapping, killings and robberies also thrived under his watch”.

"Some rescued kidnap victims in the 4-corner area have narrated what their Fulani kidnappers told them. These kidnappers boasted to the victims that they(Victims) can go on to tell the world, after they have paid ransom, emphasising that they(Kidnappers) do not care for anything. The Kidnappers boasted that their boss is in charge of the army in the region, and because of this their 'army general' boss in the military, they are fearless”, -the intelligence also unveiled. 

Our intelligence further told us that the rescued victims also narrated how those Fulani terrorists said, "where ever our boss is transferred to, he usually moves with his Fulani bandits, kidnappers and herdsmen group". 

There are also numerous reports that many people have complained to the south east Governors, but they have all kept mute about this Fulani Nigerian army general, sent to Biafraland for destabilisation. 

Family Writers Press International, reporting

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