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Sunday 13 November 2022

Government In Exile: A Ploy Of Neocolonialists Against Biafran Nationalists

 Government In Exile: A Ploy Of Neocolonialists Against Biafran Nationalists

No slave master ever wants to see his slaves grow up and develop or get to sit on a same round table with him. They see it as a hurt on their pride and superior prestige. So, they do deploy every tricks and tacts to distract and derail the slaves, whenever they try to liberate themselves.

Africans have been imperilled by a great deal of misfortune, most of which was as a result of the selfish gains of the few against the collective. We have gone through stages of enslavement as a race, transatlantic slave trade, direct colonialism and now indirect colonialism(neocolonialism). We must understand that the above elucidated stages of our captivity was all invented by the imperialists, and they are willing to create another stage if need be; which will be recorded in history books for students to study and for our next generations to suffer.

Our precursors who fought against colonialism, failed to recognize the potency of indirect colonialism due to ferocity and some emotional personal gains that clouded their sense of judgement and political calculation.

At present, the Biafra restoration struggle spearheaded by the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), have seen multiple challenges since inception. The "IPOB Movement's" approaches and tenacity to achieving her objectives, have raised serious concerns in the camp of the people who have sworn never to allow the people of Biafra take control of their destiny. These enemies of Biafra have in turn, financially induced some weaklings in the struggle, just to see the struggle polarized, since the leader of the freedom movement, Nnamdi Kanu has remained uncompromising in his quest for justice to be rendered to the downtrodden people of Biafra.

After the arrest and incarceration of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and millitary intimidation of Kanu's followers to curtail their continued demand for a United Nations(UN) supervised referendum, these enemies of Biafra freedom have not relented in intensifying their financial inducement of unstable individuals in the struggle. Their single target is to splinter the movement, and make way for the government to easily polarize and destroy the struggle.

Howbeit, plans to polarize IPOB through some infiltrators and its unstable members have failed: The enemies decision to  infiltrate the struggle, manuever their way to the top and hijack the struggle; a daring plan carefully made and unleashed, well propelled by all parties involved(both Local and foreign) who played their roles accurately. It was supposed to be the last straw that will break the camel's back.

After the Kidnap and extraordinary renditioning of Nnamdi Kanu, the job of the agent provocateurs was to spur outrage and distrust amongst IPOB families and its leadership, lure ESN out of their main task of ejecting fulani terrorists from our farm lands, and unpreparedly engage the provoking Nigeria security agencies that are killing and maiming lives and properties. Then, give the enemies of Biafra restoration and the media a reason to incriminate and blackmail the IPOB movement as violent and destructive. Thereby compelling the international community to tag IPOB a terror organization and then jail its leader in a sham court trial for treason.

It was a smart plan but the impeccable structure of IPOB and disciplined individuals who have sworn never to allow the sacrifices of millions of Biafrans be in vain, saved the struggle from internal implosion.

After the plot failed, the neocolonialists went further to try and derail and divide the voice of the Biafran people for a referendum with the new Nigeria mantra of "obidient" and Igbo presidency, but it still did not destract IPOB from continuing to pursue her objectives, which is the restoration of Biafra.

The neocolonists having exhausted most of their lucky cards are now bracing for the last strike, which is to create and sponsor groups claiming they are government in Exile, to oppose the Biafra Nation when it finally re-emerges. Knowing that IPOB have refused to fall into their snare, they are now recreating groups to wreak havoc in the Biafra Nation and destabilize our developments.

Biafrans must continue to maintain discipline and support the IPOB call for a referendum. This way, those criminals will have no ground to cause any unrest in our new Nation

We must decode our enemies' and outsmart them, unlike our predecessors who failed to recognize the dangers of the neocolonialism and only focused on fighting colonialism

We must get it right this time or our race is forever doomed.

Written by Enenienwite Ikechukwu

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi 

For Family Writer Press International

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