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Sunday 13 November 2022

The Nigerian Terrorist And Rogue Army Continues The Unprovoked Abduction And Killing Of Biafrans

 The Nigerian Terrorist And Rogue Army Continues The Unprovoked Abduction And Killing Of Biafrans

The Nigerian Army on Monday confirmed what they called "a clash between its personnels from the 34 Artillery Brigade and Youths of Izombe in the Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State" .

Upon investigating the Claims of the Nigerian Army, Family Writers Press International were able to gather the truth on what really happened on that date of the incidence, being Monday, the 7th of November, 2022. 

The soldiers were drafted to the community for an operation called "Operation Golden Dawn", to curb criminality; which is just a disguise to abduct and kill as many members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) as possible, not minding that IPOB is a peaceful self-determination movement. 

The Nigerian soldiers claimed that the youths of Izombe had in two days prior, allegedly attacked and killed a truck driver, which prompted increased patrol of the areas by the soldiers.

However, the Investigation carried out by Family Writers Press International(FWPI) proved that the Nigerian Army went on their usual operation show force; to bully, intimidate, abduct and kill the youths unprovoked. And this counters and strikes off the Army's claims of being attacked by youths while on patrol, which they said resulted in the heavy shooting in the area.

When contacted on the incident, the spokesman of the 34 Artillery Brigade, Obinze, Captain Joseph Akubo, confirmed the incident in a telephone interview but denied any invasion of the community by soldiers.

He said that it was the youths that attacked the soldiers who were on patrol duty, following an alleged increase in criminal activities in the area.

Akubo said he is yet to ascertain the casualty figure after the incident.

He said: “The soldiers were on routine patrol in the area when they came under attack by the armed youths”.

To set the record straight, we and the people in general can never be deceived any more by some stories which are totally built on falsehood.

It is not any secret that the Nigerian Army have been infiltrated with terrorists, and those terrorists now occupies the most important and strategic positions in the army. 

The Nigerian Army is well known for killing and abducting of civilians, unprovoked and unchallenged. 

First, the Nigerian army claim to have been attacked while on patrol is very much false. Because even with the daily killings carried out by the Nigerian Army, the Biafra people are peace-loving people.

The Nigerian Army moves in civilian crowded areas with heavy weapons and tanks, why would anyone believe the people will want to violently engage such rogue and terrorists soldiers knowing fully well of how reckless the soldiers are? 

Our eyewitnesses have it that the soldiers went about intimidating, harassing and bullying youths all over the community, barbing youths with dreadlocks and beating those with tattoos on their bodies, without provocations. The army did this just to show force as they usually do.

The claim on alleged youths killing a truck driving is a confirmed fiction, which is not close to the truth because nothing like that ever happened. 

This is truly a systematic killing, and it is meant to reduce the population of Ndi Igbo, This is not also the first time it is happening. What makes it this worse is, after carrying out these senseless killings, they will turn around and blame it on the people, calling it a clash, in a bid to justify their atrocities. 

We are watching, the whole world is watching. Let it be on record that terrorists from the Sahel have taken over not just the Nigerian Army and security agents, but also the entire Government of Nigeria. It is just a matter of time before the country gets overrun by these terrorists and eventually crumble the Contraption called Nigeria.

This is why IPOB have continued to demand referendum for Biafrans; an exercise necessary for the Biafra people to decide their fate in the sinking British contraption(Nigeria). 



Written by Onyemachi Gabriel

Edited byChizobam E. Olise

For Family Writers Press International

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