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Tuesday 28 February 2023

Nigerian Election: A Booby-Trap Against Clueless Masses

  Nigerian Election: A Booby-Trap Against Clueless Masses

On 25th February 2023 commenced the all expected general election of the "Largest Democracy" in Africa. Days and weeks before that, diplomats and government officials from mostly Western countries were seen making short videos and tweets, encouraging people to troop out and exercise their civil rights of voting. The western diplomats went further to threaten with sanctions and Visa bans for whoever tries to "disrupt" the electoral process. 

The likes of Mr. Anthony Blinken(the United States of America Secretary of State), Mrs Catriona Liang(the British ambassador to Nigeria), Mrs. Samuela Isopi(the European Union Cheif Envoy in Nigeria), etc were all in in the business of marketing the Nigerian election to the already battered Nigerian population.

Even Japan, Norway, Austria, etc, all had something to say about the Nigeria Election. At such, one would say "oh, all these are Goodwill messages from all these countries!". But then, we saw Victoria Nuland(another US diplomat) meeting with top brass Nigerian Politicians from the North, and their discussion was centered on the "Election". This indicates that all these overwhelming support and encouragements from these Western countries are far from being innocently for the sake of democracy. And to crown it all, the US president, Biden came out 2-days to the Nigerian elections and strictly advised all parties and people to adhere to the elections results, regardless of how irregular or compromised they might be.

The truth remains that what is happening today in Nigeria, ranging from the Electoral processes to the results and the general Nigerian geopolitical events, calls for no surprise. Anyone feigning amazement is either suffering from amnesia(memory loss) or is irredeemably ignorant. Colonial Britain constituted a giant contraption where her Political and economic interests are summarily represented and protected. All the aforementioned parties have all become direct beneficiaries of the immensely corrupt Nigerian system, but the joke is on the average Nigerian who thinks he or she can change the Nigerian system with the arms of the same system (electioneering).

Whatever the results of this elections will be, one thing remains undisputable -- the election was rigged and it was facilitated by the independent national electoral Commission(INEC), the ruling Nigerian oligarchs in collaboration with their western friends.

This is exactly what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indeginous people of Biafra(IPOB) have for the past 10 years been trying to point the Nigerian population to, but they would not see it. Rather, they(the populace) have aided the Nigerian Politicians and the West conspirators in the desperation to save their Cash cow and efforts to criminally indict IPOB with the lie of being hostile to democracy. 

Thankfully, the IPOB Leadership having long understood the conspiracy aimed to rope and destroy IPOB with blackmails and falsehood, exempted herself and opted for neutrality in the elections, to allow the people learn the hard way. However, if the Nigerian people will is what we all have to watch out and see.

Nigeria can never be changed with/by the same system, anyone advocating for the application for Electioneering as the means of a sustained viable change in Nigeria, is not only deceptive but Dubious, or acutely ignorant.

The truth remains that until Nigerians decide to look and analyze the in-depth complications surrounding the continual fragile existence of  the contraption(Nigeria), outright failures  coupled with misery and death will continue to be recorded, while the political class and their neocolonial friends continues to manipulate and exploit both the human and mineral resources of the region, for themselves till eternity.

Referendum is the only viable, sustainable solution.

Written by Enenienwite Ikechukwu

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi 

For Family Writers Press International

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