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Saturday 29 July 2023

Kanu's Rendition And The Demeaning Consequences Of Government's Trojan Horse Operations On The South-East

  Kanu's Rendition And The Demeaning Consequences Of  Government's Trojan Horse Operations On The South-East

By definition, a Trojan Horse Operation is such carried out with the intent to undermine or secretly overthrow an opponent. Already, it is a demistified knowledge that after Nigeria government abducted and rendition Nnamdi Kanu from Kenya in 2021, it launched series of such coordinated operations through violent blackmails and propaganda in the SouthEast, in an attempt to destroy and ruin the Indeginous people of Biafra(IPOB) movement, ably led by Kanu. Thus, this piece is consequently aimed at recounting the direct victims of these Operations and elaborating the inordinate negative impacts thereof.

Remarkably, these blackmailing operations which slowed down at some point( during/after the election) because the intended short-term result was not attained, have resumed again as the new administration alternatively seeks to sway attentions off its strategic incompetence in solving the endemic economic upheavals in Nigeria. The new regime have started by pursuing the Anti-Igbo/Anti-Biafra policies its predecessors prosecuted, as that seems to be the effective opiates to the fragile state divided along ethnic and religious lines.

While Innocent citizens and their Businesses of South-Eastern States have been generally acknowledged as being direct victims of what could be safe to call a "state sponsored terrorism", Another victim which goes almost unnoticed is the Biafra Flag. The Nigerian security forces through the activities of recruited Trojan horses, have mounted a massive desecrating campaign against the Biafran Flag for the past two years, in the a bid to subtly criminalize the IPOB movement and the Eastern Security Network(ESN) outfit which was solely created to curb the activities of the marauding Fulani herdsmen. Although the ESN does not use the Biafra flag in its operations, IPOB have adopted the Biafran flag as an essential symbol of its struggle for self-determination through a referendum.

N/B: Biafra was a country which existed from 1967-70 after it left the Nigerian amalgamated union as a result of State-backed ethnic bigotry that imploded in 1966.

Of all the brainstorming inventions of the Biafrans of 1967-70, the Biafran Flag unfortunately remains the only item that has endured for decades, probably as a result it being the most prone stick-to-hand factor for aggrieved agitators of Biafra origin over government's negligence of the region, sinceafter the defeat of Biafra in 1970. Hence, the flag undoubtedly is an idolized symbol and component that represents, embodies the pain and misery of the peoples in the region.

Also, taking into cognizance that the Biafrans of 1967-70 never willfully renounced the Biafran idealogy, but were forced to surrender as a result of indiscriminate genocidal onslaught and weaponisation of food against its citizens by the Federal millitary government, further buttresses that the Biafra flag is still the heritage and historical antiques belonging to the contemporary generations of the former Old Eastern Region. 

This means that the IPOB movement is only operating on an already established Biafran legitimacy, not the other way around. The Biafran Flag does not belong to IPOB, it belongs to the Biafran people. Thus, desecrating it by readily displaying at every crime scene by security forces and their covert recruits is a direct insult and abuse to the memory, history and dignity of the peoples of Eastern Nigeria.

Just like every other race expresses disapproval at the sight of disrespect to the symbol of their national identity, be it physical as a flag and religious objects or abstract as their God and cultural concepts, so does the people of the Eastern Nigeria feel at the sight of association of the reverred flag to common criminals. And if this deplorable acts are not discontinued, the people will be justified to react by every means adequate at their disposal to protest against these acts.

Written By Enenienwite Ikechukwu

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi 

For Family Writers Press International

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