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Friday 21 July 2023

Sit-At-Home: Unabated Menace Of Unknown Gunmen Reveals A Federal Government Sponsored False Flag Operation in Eastern Nigeria.

 Sit-At-Home: Unabated Menace Of Unknown Gunmen Reveals A Federal Government Sponsored False Flag Operation in Eastern Nigeria.

In recent times, the South East region of Nigeria has witnessed series of events that have disrupted daily lifestyles of residence, thus raising pertinent questions about the motives behind these incidents. One such event is the enforcement of a "fake Sit-At-Home protest", claimed to be a civil protest for a reason of compelling the government to free the long detained leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), but is rather actively enforced by some unknown armed men(casually called Unknown Gunmen (UGM)). This has sparked controversies and speculations. And, upon closer examination, a compelling linear narrative emerges, suggesting that the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) may be orchestrating a false flag operation in the region.

This article aims at unraveling the mystery behind the alleged scheme, exposing the kinetic motivations driving it, and highlighting the potential consequences for the affected areas.

The UGM, a shadowy group which recently sprung up in Eastern Nigeria, has claimed responsibility for various acts of violence, including attacks on security personnel and public infrastructures. With its head leader domiciled abroad, readily dishing out these outrageous orders of enforced Sit-At-Home, under the pseudo guise of protesting against perceived injustices meted against the people of Eastern region. However, as previously stated, all these appears to be part of a larger plot orchestrated by Federal Government through its recruited agents to advance its own interests.

The South East region has experienced calls for increased regional autonomy and self-determination. By orchestrating these force flag of sit-at-home through recruited Trojan horses, the Federal government seeks to undermine these pressing demands and reverse its loosening and slacking power and influence in the region as a result of consistent, sustained agitation by the IPOB movement.

The successive ethnocentric administrations of Nigeria, also thrives from the economic disruption caused by these agents. Businesses, transport systems, and daily activities inversely affected during these Sit-At-Home enforcements, leading to financial losses and instability in the region. This discourages attractive investments in the region by not only foriegn interested parties, but also indigenes who are discriminated against in other regions in Nigeria and wishes to return their investments and businesses to the region.

The Federal government also aims at exploiting the chaos resulting from the activities of these UGM to justify an increased millitary presence in the region. By creating an atmosphere of fear and horror, the government can reinforce control under the pretext of combating terrorism/insecurity, while pretentiously suppressing dissenting voices.

Consequences for the South East:

These Inconsiderate prolonged Sit-At-Home orders with the destruction of multi-million properties it comes with, negatively impacts the survival of low-income businesses, wages income workers, leading to sharp rise of poverty levels. The Nigerian government's actions exacerbate these issues, deepening the economic hardship experienced by the people of the South East.

The divisive nature of these Sit-At-Home narrative, further fragments an already polarized society. Trust between ethnic groups and the government erodes, potentially fueling unrests and hindering return to peaceful coexistence in the region.

The FGN's false flag operation also risks heavy escalation of violence in Eastern Nigeria. Genuine agitations for self-determination, which might have initially been peaceful, could turn more radicalized in response to the government's provocation and oppression. This dangerous spiral of violence threatens not only the region but could spill over across the entire fragile state.

Hence, It is crucial for stakeholders, both within and outside Nigeria, to rise up to compel, demand transparency and prevail on the government from threading the dangerous path of destruction, but rather engage in peaceful dialogue to address the grievances of the true agitators in the Eastern region.

Written By Obulose Chidiebere

Edited By Enenienwite Ikechukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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