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Sunday 12 November 2023

Biafra Self-determination Quest And The Hegemon Of The World Unipolar System

  Biafra Self-determination Quest And The Hegemon Of The World Unipolar System

For clarity sake, the concept and exercise of Self-determination as a right, is the process in which indigenous peoples around the world are entitled to determines their Political, Sociocultural and Economic future. It is simply a moment and means through which the people decides to take hold of their destinies into their own hands. Whereas a unipolar global system refers to a situation whereby a country, state or Bloc under the condition of global monopoly enjoys a preponderance of power with no viable competitor states. 

The United Nations charters wholesomely guarantees the right to self-determination as an inalienable right for all indigenous people on Earth. However, the unipolar or Western rules-based-order system, strives to determine how, when and to whom this principle applies to, and this only occurs when their various national and collective imperial interests are guaranteed. 

Historically speaking, empires have come and gone. And while these empires had, and enjoyed their moments of glory, they also experienced and fought capable rivals whom eventually at some point either subsumed them or facilitated their total demise, took reins and began the process of consolidating their own empires. The British empire, French, Austria-Hungarian, German and Italian, Spanish – all of whom partook in the Berlin conference of 1884-1885 otherwise called the Scramble for Africa – has all been collapsed in the global Hegemon Bloc Known as the West or the global North, spearhead by the United States of America from the other side of the Atlantic.

Hence, we aim to elaborate how the Western rules-based-order system operates solely on capitalist profiteering rather than established principles as it claims on the surface. The ongoing wars in Ukraine and Gaza shall be cited. But not without highlighting the stark hypocrisy it exhibits, by maintaining dead silence in the open, while covertly supporting the Nigerian government to criminalise and suppress the plausible call for a referendum for the indigenous People Of Biafra, seeking Self-determination in Eastern Nigeria. Both narrative will be placed on parallel lens for simultaneous evaluation in one piece.

Per mainstream narrative, The Russia-Ukraine Conflict began on 24th February,2023. Although from the Russian viewpoint, the war started much more earlier. In light of the infamous maiden institutional coup of 2014 which saw the democratically elected president of Ukraine overthrown by the popular western-backed color revolution, and the installment of a more hawkish and aggressive governments towards Moscow. Coupled with the witch-hunt of ethnic Russians living in Eastern Ukraine, Crimea Peninsula by Western Ukrainian Nationalists, as well as the unabated encroachment of various NATO belligerent strategic formations [conventional military assets & Biolabs/weapons] inside Ukraine which shares a common boundary with her Russian neighbor.  As the rift between the two entities – Western NATO military alliance led by the USA, and the Russia Federation continues to spill without control.

The intentions of those who collectively incited Ukraine against Russia, was to inflict a strategic defeat on the nuclear power nation and balkanize it further, as they did with the collapse of the erstwhile USSR in 1991 and planned to do farther, in order to enable them unchecked access to the Russian Natural resources, until Vladimir Putin took power and stopped them. 

Nonetheless, the war in Ukraine a year later has resulted to an utter failure, as Ukraine continues to loose lands and boots simultaneously. Although, the Chaos of wars are immensely beneficial to the western military industrial complex, whose inventory machine needs steady heat supply, for weapons mass production at all times.

It is Important to emphasize that the ring of the neo-capitalists who owns military industrial complex, also runs the big pharmaceutical companies as well as the mainstream media, and have their lobbying strap in and around the United Nations and other global agencies such as the World Trade Organization and the WHO. And they most definitely have an unflinching edge on the policy makings in Washington, Brussels and the rest. These are the people who have the sociopathic view of an overpopulated world, that needs an urgent cleansing and reduction in mass by the most distasteful means possible.

Fast forward to October 7th, 2023, After the war in Ukraine has resulted to colossal losses not only to Ukrainians but also to their Western backers whose egos has been gravelly bruised by the Russians on the battlefield. Another war broke out between Israel and Hamas in the highly combustive West Asia Sub Region [Middle East]. The world was rattled by the gory scenes of vicious military campaigns inside Israel territories by Hamas militants. The killing of most Israelis in their homes, as non-combatants was to say the least, horrible and condemnable. 

Surprisingly, it occurred that the Israeli government had a strategic goal to achieve with the unfortunate Hamas debacle – using the Invasion as a cover to criminalize the legitimate self-determination clamor for a two-state solution, to solve the decades-long Israeli Palestinian conflict. For years, the Israelis has capitalized on the ugly ordeal of the Jewish Holocaust during the second world war, to rally global support and sympathy as victims of a grand conspiracy of extermination. While this is undeniable, it however cannot serve as pretext to ride on, to subjugate and cleanse others of their rights and lands as well. 

Acknowledged, that the Palestinian Struggle have more or less, over the years fallen into the geopolitical interests of Israel’s foes and are therefore weaponized and fashioned to suit their interests. Nonetheless, this issue can be resolved amicably before it spirals into a regional conflict like the Israeli-Arab war of 1967 and the Yom Kippur war of 1973. This time around it would be more catastrophic as the sophistication of then, in terms of military and technological compared to now are simply incompatibility.

 The Jewish Holocaust was indeed a colossal tragedy where an estimated number of six million Jews were slaughtered by the Nazists, and on this premises do the contemporary Israel stands to unleash their venom immeasurably on  Hamas militants and civilians alike resident in the Gaza strip.  But comparatively, Africans have experienced much tragedy greater than the Jewish Holocaust.

From the era of transatlantic slave trade which lasted for over 400 years, down to the European colonial era in Africa where millions of Africans lost their lives. For Instance, in Congo which the Belgium King Leopold II, took as his personal property, he massacred over 15 million Congolese mercilessly. Or is it the subsequent but less acknowledged Biafran genocide of 1967-70 where the conservatively estimated number of 3.5 million people mostly children were killed with the most horrible means [Starvation].  Should all these people weaponize their ugly ordeal and make an opportunity of it? Should the Congolese begin to launch revenge attacks on present-day Belgians across Europe and elsewhere? Should the Biafrans begin to engage in indiscriminately violent attacks even suicide missions on the coalition of nations [primarily the British that rallied them], who conspired to exterminate them 50 years ago? Ofcourse The world the world scornfully object to this. 

In May 1969, at the height of the Biafra genocide oil explorers from Italian oil company ENI, allowed into Biafra precisely in Kwale Present-day Delta State, were sabotaging the state by giving out information on military formations to the invading Nigerian troops. They were arrested by the Biafra security forces and the world came to quake. But this was the same world who turned a blind eye as the government in Lagos and the British exploited starvation as a legitimate weapon of war, against the incapacitated Biafrans.

The world came to a unipolar stead on the issue of Biafra in the 20th Century because of the defiant resistance of the Biafrans who fought with almost nothing from the outside for 30 months. Today, the Western war hawks plays both sides by support Israel with military armaments, which in turn compels the opponents to equip Hamas and other militant groups like Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen to keep the fight going. This is in the ultimate benefit of the military industrial complex and the sociopathic globalists who wants the world depopulated, anyway. 

The only means to disarm those who have taken the world hostage for their imperial interests is to support the Global South coalition for peace led by the East Pole [BRICS]. Where justice, mutual cooperation and benefits is the watch word. This is the only guarantee for peace not only in the Middle East, Ukraine but also in West Africa, Nigeria where a time-bomb is also ticking speedily again.


Written by Mazi Daniel Chibueze

Edited By Enenienwite Ikechukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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