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Wednesday 29 July 2015

Rich Hausa/Fulani Kids Are Now Joining Nigeria Army to Terrorize Citizens

By Ugochukwu Obinigwe

According to reports, these cadets are first year students of the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, Kaduna. It is not new that rich Northern families enroll their children into the Nigerian army where with their influence the young officers get rapid promotions; this has been going since the inception of the Nigeria Military by the British. Today, it is rather a more deplorable case. Before even making it pass the trainee stage these rich Northern rascals have amassed power and might to buy and use military decorations that highly ranked personnels flaunt.

They also engage in the same primitive operations, like terrorizing innocent citizens, that the Nigeria soldiers are notorious for, only that they are, younger and rascals. The temerity that will allow kids to stop traffic flow just to pose for shots, and perhaps prove and exhibit their superiority, it's what leaves me pondering. Obviously they learnt it from somewhere, but my question is how did they get this sort of liberty? Cadets are trainees so I presume they have supervisors so who is supervising them? It won't be out of place to proclaim that this kids pay off supervisors who then allow them to flaunt self acquired military decorations, set to streets and create disturbances.

Ultimately, when did this become a normalcy? I provisionally doubt that this was prevalent prior to Buhari and the new COS, General Turkur Buratai's regime judging from the response from NDA about this development.

"Our attention has been drawn to pictures posted on social media where cadets of NDA were punishing some citizens of the country.This is /1This is against the principle, standard and value of the Nigeria military. The military stands to protect and defend her nation and its /2 Not only do these spoilt brats have financial back to buy these decorations citizens. We disown this very action and we assure everyone that we will take right action to discipline these disobedient cadets. /3"

The rascality of these young cadets show they lack home training and discipline as they even enjoy toying with their elders, a behavior that is archetypal to rich and spoilt kids; citizens are now growing tired of their nuisances and have started to complain and ask questions.

"Is this the type of animals the NDA is breeding? The last time, some army generals were complaining that NDA had been churning out half-baked/unbaked officers that were synonyms of incompetence and cluelessness when on the field"

It would be interesting to find out how the Nigerian Defense Academy will handle this issue, the kids that had the effrontery to embark on such anomalies definitely will have strong backing from their parents and senior officers. Will the Nigerian Army shock the world, refuse brown envelopes from their parents, ignore their pleasantries and take a proper disciplinary action? No. I doubt that a Military with the worst reputation in the entire world notorious for extortion, murder, rape, robbery and inept corruption would be able to do so. 

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