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Thursday 3 December 2015



An interview with Reverend Patrick Emordi, a Prophet and a Biafran war veteran by Ifeanyi Chijioke, Amarachi Ibeh, Chima Onyekachi, Chisom David and Somtochukwu Okonkwo of Family Writers cum journalists for Biafra Times and Biafra Herald.

Good day sir, please can you introduce yourself?

I am Reverend Patrick Emordi of Ressurected Christ Mission,Asaba. I am also a Biafran war veteran.

Were you a regular soldier?

I was a combatant soldier. I started as a Biafran ranger, I was trained as a commando at Ohanku Secondary School in 1968. I was deployed to Umuahia then to Atani where I stayed and then entered into R.O.B. I fought under Col. Joe Achuzie at 20th Commadoes Brigade headquatered at Ozoburu. I fought at the Gbagalada Oil Mill and was part of those that took the white men when the order came. Major Okafor from Uguta was our Brigade commando and Captain Emeagwali was our Brigade captain. We fought against many Nigerin soldiers and cleared from Agbor to Onugboko to Eyede,etc

What really caused the war?

It was an act of impunity by Yakubu Gowon who refused to adhere to the ‘ABURI ACCORD’ he signed in Aburi,Ghana. Rather he came back and declared the twelve state federation from what we had which is Mid-Western region, Western region, Eastern region and Northern region. It is a normal trait with Nigeria to always renegade on agreement because they do not believe in the rule of law.

Can you still fight another war?

A soldier is always a soldier especially a professional. I fought as a combatant solider don’t forget.

Have the reasons you fought the 1967-1970 war been addressed?

It has not been addressed that is why we are still looking forward to the restoration of Biafra.

What have you to say on the ongoing press releases by some Igbo leaders who disowned Biafra and those that have said Biafra died in 1970?

From my understanding and knowledge I have gotten at my age and what I have heard from my father that Igbos do not have a king. In my hometown we did not use to take the “Eze” title,it was imported by someone who went to Edu in Benin and from then our people began to install “Eze” title. The Ndigbo never used to have kings from the onset. Our people believes that the elderly one is greater than the king so whatever the so called Chiefs or leaders are saying should not be taken serious because they do not represent the true feelings of the people. Before anyone claims he is a leader he must be truthful and never follow any crooked way no matter the situation. Most of these men making those statement were little boys who were in the “buff” during the wall and never fought the war. I fought physically in the war and I know what I am talking about. The so called Igbo leaders against the restoration of Biafra are politicians and money scavengers who do not represent us properly.

What is your say on the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu and the disobedience of court orders by the DSS to release him?

Nnamdi Kanu is a well known personality and a responsible man. I have personally engaged in praying and fasting to God almighty to intervene for his release. Knowing well that Nigeria is a lawless state that makes law but do not keep to it, I am not surprised at the current action of the DSS.

What made you to believe in the course for the restoration of Biafra as led by Nnamdi Kanu ?

We fought carnally during the first war. When this particular man [Nnamdi Kanu] who will nicknamed Peter in my fellowship because he came with a greater force than what we had in my time and that attracted me. I was moved spiritually to search for him after hearing his voice. I recall a story about a professor who after studying so much in his library, came out with a lantern in broad day light and when questioned he said he was searching for truth. When I heard someone who said he will die for the truth, I knew he was the one to lead us and he came for a purpose. I also observed he has been consistent and he never changed his stand for a long period of time. It is hard to find a man who is consistent in a struggle, some persons get drunk with power,money or woman.

What do you think will happen if Nnamdi Kanu is not released soon especially with the tension it is creating in Nigeria?

I feel Nigeria will be indicted because they have violated the law. I am looking forward to the international community wading in and telling Nigeria to their face that what they have done is wrong and indict the president of Nigeria.

What do you think of the youths protesting for the release of Nnamdi Kanu and the effect the protest is causing to the economy of the country?

The youths protesting are right because they have endured enough in Nigeria. The situation of things in Nigeria has forced most of the youths  to travel abroad and those left are suffering. Some who went to school are either half-baked and most cannot find a job after graduation. The Northern oligarchy has brought our youths to the level of Hausa/Fulani ‘alamajiri’ roaming around jobless which is unacceptable and a bondage to them and they want to be free.

What is your opinion on the divide and rule tactics against Biafrans especially in Delta state where Urhobo is been excluded from Biafra? What do you want to tell the younger generation?

The Urhobo people fought against us (Biafrans) during the civil war which was actually not their fault because they did not understand the cause of the war. The then Nigerian government enticed and forced them into joining their army and we fought against each other. With that in their minds ,I believe that is why they still think they are Nigerians but they are mistaken.

Are they Biafrans?

Yes. From every indications they are part of us. From history,the Isobos and Itsekiris were met by the white men who later signed a treaty between the Chiefs of Itsekiri and Biafra. During my time in school,I had a map which included the location of the Bight of Benin and Bight of Biafra which is no longer found in today’s map. The Urhobos should know that they are part of Biafra.

Will the release of Nnamdi Kanu stop the agitation of the youths?

It will not stop the agitation. Our people have a saying that says “whatever you are looking for,if you do not get it you will never get tired”. Even if Nnamdi Kanu is released it will not stop the agitation because what we are seeking is the restoration of Biafra. The people are tired and want their sovereignty and freedom. I will not advise the stopping of the agitation because I believe this is the right time for us what we desire as the origin of Biafra.

Sir, some persons are trying to paint black the agitation for the restoration of Biafra as a terrorist act, what do you have to say about that?

It cannot be a terrorist act. If those making such comments understand the United Nations resolution that Biafrans as indigenous people have the right to seek for self-determination and nobody can impede them from doing that. Those making such statements are making a great mistake. I have read through the resolutions of the United Nations and the Human rights resolution and found out out that in a state you have the right to self-determination and self-defense.

What role did Britain play as regard the war between Nigeria and Biafra?

The British government advised the Nigeria government to blockade Biafra in terms of reliefs. There was no relief during the war which made most children to die of kwashiokor due to hunger. We were blockade on land,sea and air so nothing gets into Biafraland. With the help of Caristas and few others,relief materials was smuggled into Biafra at night to feed the starving children but that was not enough to stop the deaths. During the war, the British military personnel were the planners and advisers for the Nigeria military. Then, the Nigeria army personnel could only operate the assault weapons, the armored tanks and other heavy weaponry were operated by machineries of the British government.

What is the general feeling about Biafra now and then?

Now we are really secured because we have seen the light and we have been able to find where we are heading to and where we are going to stop. Anyone who is in the LORD and in the SPIRIT may have received the revelation that Biafra has come. I told my people that it came in September 2015 and we are only waiting for its manifestation but Biafra has already come. So the difference between now and then is that we have seen the light and more knowledgeable. Then, we were fighting and never knew exactly what we were fighting for, we only knew that we want Biafra.

Do you think the restoration of Biafra can come without a war?

Yes and that is because it has come to be a God oriented project. If you do not see it that way you will be going astray. Biafra has already come and we shall see it soon. Just like Thomas asked Jesus Christ for evidence, until people see Biafra that is when they will believe it is here. People who are spiritual know Biafra has come and there is no way anybody can stop it.

With the statements from Muhammad Buhari and the Nigeria army to crush and shoot at anyone that is against the sovereignty of Nigeria. Do you think Biafrans should defend themselves?

The UN resolution says that you can defend yourself so I do not see why we cannot defend ourselves. If someone comes into your house and wants to kill you,you must save your life because it was given to you by GOD and not man. Saving your life is by defending yourself against the person. We must defend ourselves if that continues.

Do you think Biafra needs the support of Russia,Isreal and other countries to achieve the restoration of Biafra in other not to have the same experience of 1967-1970?

Like I have earlier stated, this project is GOD oriented project and that has made it impossible for the mortal man to have a play in it. Everything that has happened in this struggle,I had earlier prophesied about them and you can verify from my people. I always tell them every revelation I receive from God the almighty. When Buhari was about to travel to the United State of America, I told my people to fast and pray that he will come back in disgrace. He went and came back in disgrace and other subsequent events that have followed have always been revealed and we have always prayed about it. Before the mega rally began,I got a revelation and we prayed about it which resulted in our people marching from Agbor to Enugu and came back with minimal casualty though the enemies planned for worst.

What words of encouragement do you have for families that have lost loved ones in the course of this struggle and those planning to join the struggle but are scared?

In every combat you must expect such incidents. I send my condolences to the families of those that have died for the struggle. Here in Asaba,young men were massacred in thousands and buried in a mass grave during the first struggle and that has not stopped their families from the struggle. So whatever happens let everyone bear it and hope that God almighty will take charge and encourage them more. Let everyone continue in the struggle. I was almost arrested at Onne primary school during an IPOB family meeting but God almighty did not allow it to happen.

What are your final words?

Well, for us ministers of God, Nnamdi Kanu is known as Peter(the rock) because the gate of hell cannot prevail against him because he has been given the key to the kingdom of heaven to open for us. As for Muhammad Buhari, he is known as “Mr Error” and he will continue to fumble and make a mess of himself and his government.

Thank you sir for you time.


  1. Tell nizooria dat we have come

  2. Dear Patrick, you are a brother indeed. May God bless you. Biafra is here.

  3. true talk ,the great man of ndigbo

  4. Wonderful! Truth must prevail. A renowned statesman. Thanks for the Truth.

  5. A Daniel has come to Judgement ! Peace be with you, NWA CHINEKE !

  6. Great.
    Joy comes in the morning.


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