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Tuesday, 24 May 2016



By Blessed Orji

For Family Writers

Natural justice demands that we face the fact, tell ourselves the truth and be free..There has never been a people known as Nigeria. There have only been a shape on a map drawn by a stranger called Fredrick Lugard in 1914. The whole of that contraption referred to as Nigeria by his girl friend Flora Shaw is a mass of fraud and unequal yoke founded on falsehood. Britain created it an amphitheatre for their amusement and a conduit to satisfy their economic interest, oil and gas from Biafra land. From 1914 till date it has been chronicle of war,death,oppression, pogroms,genocide and Biafra struggle for freedom.

Nothing has altered the incompatibility of Biafra and Nigeria. The solution to that incessant problem is recognition of the sovereign state of Biafra. Even after one hundred years experimentation to sustain the unity and several attempts to annihilate Biafra people, Nigeria has never united. The basic needs of the people are never provided, no food,no water,no electricity,no road,no work and no money. The promises of Gowon pioneer of the Biafra genocide to restructure, rehabilitate, reconstruct Biafra land has not been fulfilled. There are security challenges and executive breach of any project intended to benefit the Biafra people. The mainstream media and local press never allowed themselves to see whats happening in Biafra land. The gruesome murder of Biafra families; in markets, schools, churches, farms and dwelling places .

The Biafra Heroes day is a memorial of Biafra effort ,an account of the contribution of Biafra men women and youths to face British imperialism coupled with despotism of Hausa Fulani oligarchy. It is the exposure of the distinctive nature of Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB)  It incorporates our culture,value system,languages,strength,pride,history and our deepened belief in Biafra ideology. It reflects our connection to the CREATOR (Chukwuokike Abiama) and our determination and commitment to the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu. It reminds us where our ancestors come from and inspires our generation where we are going. It makes us feel one indivisible family responsible to each other. It gives our young men and women courage to fight on and defend our land and people against evil and tyranny. On this day we examine and appreciate several contributions to Africa and the world shouldered by Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) This helps  our posterity see  Biafra as a nation capable of developing sound technologies, manpower and materials useful in the new world. We review the efforts of our ancestors to address the challenges posed by neocolonialism. Their struggles to make the four freedom, political, economic, social and religious freedom available to us. We aim not only at importing readymade products into Biafra land but exporting made in Biafra products to the whole world. We bring the world to Biafra, take Biafra to the world and allow them tell the Biafra story in eyes of Biafra.

The Biafra heroes day is to us a glorious day. Since the inception of Buhari administration more than two thousand Biafra families has been added to the list of martyrs . We remember them, those who perished in boko haram attacks,Fulani herdsmen killings, army and police brutal murder of peaceful protesters. We salute the courage of NNAMDI KANU leader of indigenous people of Biafra and millions of Biafra people standing with him in the fight to defend our people and restore our land. We pray for the families who have lost loved ones in this struggle, honour those massacred in Onitsha on evangelism and those killed while praying for Biafra in Aba .They all died fighting barbaric people who have no decency and shame.

It behooves that all shops be closed in honour of our fallen heroes. All markets,vehicles,schools,dwelling places,amusement parks,major roads and streets be adorn with the prestigious Biafra colour. There is no greater patriotism to be rendered than to follow the command from the leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.The blood of Biafra people shed to pay the price of freedom is our duty never to make it a vain sacrifice

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