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Thursday, 29 September 2016




By Ogochukwu Nnanna
For Family Writers

Muhammad Buhari in his chat release before his departure from the United States of America where he attended the 71st United Nations general Assembly insisted that the Biafrans are not likely to get any referendum.  And I want to let him know that our sit at home protest which took place on Friday the 23rd of Sep.2016 is a referendum of its own.  So I want to tell him also that we don’t even want the referendum in the first place.  Buhari who is talking of referendum don’t know what referendum is all about.  He cannot write agenda for us or decide for us how to manage our future. We are a people and it is left for us to decide on how we want our movement to be. Meanwhile, referendum is carried out when two or more people unanimously agree to come together to form a body and along the line one person begin to feel cheated and decided to pull out from others  and   a referendum will be a way out.

So there is no agreement between Biafra and Nigeria to come together as one entity, it was  the devil lord Lugard who forcefully joined us together with Nigeria. There had never been a time we wanted to be with Nigeria and there is no agreement between the two parties. So we don’t need referendum to have our independent and nobody has right to force us to remain into a marriage that we are  no longer interested in. Only the Friday sit at home has shown the whole world that of a truth Biafrans have made up their mind to go from this contraption called Nigeria so Buhari should go and sleep and stop deceiving himself and others because Biafra has already come to stay. We staged only a sit at home protest to test run our movement and 90% of our people complied, let alone when the so called referendum is conducted.

Last year, when Muhammad Buhari was delivering Nigeria's statement to the 70th session of the UNGA,he called for the self determination of indigenous minorities. And he said "" Neither do we have the moral right to deny any people their freedom or condemn them indefinitely to occupation and blockade "And my question to him is -why do he choose to sit on Biafra's own independent?, why did he stood his ground that Biafrans will continue to remain in Nigeria where corruption is the order of the day and where they are being massacred like cows. This is indeed hypothetical and wickedness in the highest level. Muhammad Buhari said that he have given the final verdict that Biafrans should forget about referendum and he said that Biafrans has an opinion and that opinion is for them to form a formidable political party that will advance their interest in Nigeria's Democratic sphere.  I want him to understand that Biafra is not all about politics but self determination and freedom. Biafrans are only asking for their freedom and right for self determination and nothing more than that. So Muhammad Buhari should keep unto himself his idea of Biafrans forming a political party in a country that they are no longer interested to be part of. Muhammad Buhari thought that that we are joking but little has he know that we mean every word we uttered. You are killing us and yet you want us to remain with you in the hellfire called Nigeria, this is impossible. Buhari supported other smaller countries to have their own independent but Biafrans activists are calling for their own independent but Muhammad Buhari remains firm in his determination in forcing us together, what a wickedness!. You don’t decide for us ,it is left for us to decide our future I maintained. Nobody should write agenda for us.

Muhammad Buhari in his speech also said that Nigeria has had an ill fated attempt at secession in 1967 when military officer Odumegwu Ojukwu announced an independent of Republic of Biafra in southeast Nigeria, causing a three year civil war in which more than one million people died. Coming to talk on the issue of the 1967 civil war, if they had allowed Biafra to have their independent, I don’t think that there had been anything like war in that time. And Buhari has come again with the same pattern just as Gowon did. But I assure him that if they don't allow us to go this time around, another civil war more critical and outrageous is likely to happen again. Lastly, if Buhari cannot stop Radio Biafra, so can he not stop the emergence of Biafra

1 comment

  1. I thank those our Brothers and Sisters who have been busy using their time money and every other things supporting this our Biafran struggle, I pray that the Almighty Father in Heaven will always guide and Procter them all. And again I want use this opportunity to appeal to those in the engine room to please put this our flag in 3D like other countries like Israel, and also make a space for someone who want write something to write whatever he or she to write what I mean by whatever he or she want to write is even if the person want write a full 5 page or more than let the him/her write, because I wanted to post something here but couldn't because it was telling me that only 4,096 characters I can write, so please if it can be possible that they make a space even if it 1 million characters let the person because someone might have an information to give but because the person cannot so please you people should do something about this please and the ALMIGHTY FATHER BLESS You All IN JESUS NAME.


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