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Saturday, 17 September 2016



By Moses Agbo
For Family Writers

Nigeria/British Company has treated us thus: They led us into a very dangerous wilderness; returning became impossible while going forward was a great danger.

The affairs of this Lugardian creation is like standing on top of mud into which we have stepped;when we try to go away we sink and standing they do us more harm.
We are not sitting in a row with the eminent,but those who are lucky sit in the middle and forget. We can only gain freedom and forget the sorrow.

Humanity, we are somewhere very deadly. If we stay at home,we die and if we go to farm,we soak in our own blood. The journey of this contraption called Nigeria is for only those who can take heart;and that is why not many can bear it. The world has not been fair to any Biafran,but we are just surviving by the grace of the Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama{GOD}.

We have been brutalized, killed, tortured, arrested just because we chose to demand for what is right; remember our fallen heros and the world has remained silent.

Our recent fallen heros and heroines kindly tell Ojukwu, Effiong and others that the killers of Biafrans have not stopped! Something so terrible like that of 1967-70s is still happening to us now!; things very sorrowful that I cannot weep.We have no strenght to weep. The contraption called Nigeria has taken over our inheritance without even leaving any for our off-springs. Nigeria has declared war upon our land and our leader Nnamdi Kanu has been locked up for months just because he stood and still standing against injustice and mehem.

Biafra inheritance is no more, we are only left with polluted soil; those who dared not to look into our fences now come out as men to pridate us. Let those murdered take note: they have treated your siblings so badly. What is the agony for? Biafrans are killed day and night and those who refused to die, have been languishing in the prisons and hospitals.

Our religion,Culture,tradition and value system has been changed by force and we have been subjected to self denial and mental slavery. Our roads have been eaten up by termite and our waters polluted. Our mothers have been raped while our crops and blood are used to feed Hausa/Fulani's cattle.

Why is the world silent? Why can't we get justice? Why can't the world speak out against these brutalities? Why can't we be given Biafra? Why should Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remain in jail for exercising what other countries did? Is it until every Biafran is killed before justice is served? Chukwuokike where are you? Save us and our leader, restore our land back to us!!!
Edited by Ngozi Kalu for Family Writers

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