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Friday, 30 September 2016



By Onyedikachi Chimaobim
For Family Writers

 Yes, just as everything made by man has expiry date, so does Nigeria which was created by Frederick Lugard a British experimentalist. Nigeria has officially expired since December 2014 according to Frederick Lugard's pre-experiment sketch and in actual sense has ceased to exist. Those who are still answering to the name Nigeria are victims of circumstances who are ignorant of the Frederick Lugard's pre-experiment sketch for Nigeria which states that after a hundred years the three nations forced to be called Nigeria can go their separate ways. In fact based on this pre-experiment sketch it is lawful to arrest and sue anyone who presents a Nigerian passport in any embassy because officially there is no more Nigeria since December 2014 and Nigeria passports became illegal from January 2015.

So what independence celebration are we talking about here? At the present what we have in this coast of Africa is The ODUDUWA NATION, The AREWA NATION and The BIAFRA NATION as it used to be before Frederick Lugard commenced his experiment in 1914. He (Lugard), had described the Arewas and the Biafrans as oil and water that can never be mixed yet he purposely set them on a collision course in his experiment. The catastrophic outcome of this collision is evident to this day even after the country (Nigeria) ceased to exist in 2014 according to the pre-experiment sketch.

 I have carried out a statistical analysis on states that stopped existing which to the best of my knowledge, Nigeria is the latest(1914-2014) and I am confident enough to assert clear to you that Nigeria is the worst state ever existed in human history currently. And some of my conclusion are as follow...
First she was founded under a fraudulent selfish foundation of Frederic Lugard and his co British experimentalists for the sole interest of Britain, not giving a damn about the wellness if the inhabitants.

Secondly,98% of the Nigeria denizens lived in a big fat lie throughout the existence of Nigeria (1914-2014) that Nigeria is one nation. Whereas there are three nations in Nigeria, namely Biafra,Arewa and Oduduwa. The lie made even scholars and nobles in Nigeria lived in/with a fake identity for a century without knowing it. It got awful to the extent that some of them (Nigeria citizens) have thrown away their cultural heritage, cultural values, cultural names and prestige, settling for names and values which are not organically theirs and better describe them as slaves.

According to English dictionary, a nation is "an historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on basis of a common language, territory, economic life, ethnicity and/or psychological make-up manifested in COMMON CULTURE. Looking into the ceased-existing Nigeria, none of these qualities of a nation is evident. Now the big question is how come this learned scholars, nobles, award winning bookmen, doctors and engineers didn't realize Nigeria was never a nation and they kept bearing Nigeria nationalities? Very sad indeed. Funny enough majority are still living in this big fat lie even after knowing the truth. Nigeria was indeed a failed state and a harm to humanity.

And lastly, Nigeria never recorded any success since her inception in January 1914 to her expiration in December 2014.It has always been a dance of sorrow, pain, hunger, regrets and bloodbath. It got worst after her independence in 1st October 1960 which was followed by bloody coups, pogroms and before the end of that decade a genocidal war that saw 3.5million Biafra nationalities dead. And till this day it has been a tussle of who will control the seat of power (presidency) instead of prioritizing the well being of her (Nigeria) denizens. In 2012 which was two years prior to Nigeria's expiration, Folorunso Makinde,President of Nigerians For Referendum (NFR) detailed reasons why there should be a referendum in Nigeria and there was this applaudable comment on that article by one Dr Fortune Ukonu. Here is an excerpt, I quote."Rather than the government to account to the people, the people account to the government, rather than the government to serve the people, the people serves the government, rather than the government to provide security to the people, the people provides security to the government".

So what exactly does the rest of the people who still bear the name Nigerians and does not know that there is no more Nigeria since January 2015 intends to celebrate on the 1st of October? Are you celebrating a state that existed for a full century and cannot boast of a good road, good water nor good electricity? Should it be that you intend celebrating an independence of sorrow and failure? Are you celebrating a failed state that no longer exists after December 2014? A lie that its perpetrators owe you an apolog  .

   Is it not heartbreaking to know that Nigeria is the only state that existed for a full century without any tangible reputation nor a remarkable thing to show she existed. Unlike other states that existed for a very short period of time and have at least a little to show they existed. In likes of East Germany, Soviet Union, Biafra and sundry, that of Biafra was indeed a remarkable one.She existed for just thirty months and within this short period was manufacturing ammunitions, converting ordinary air planes to rugged war planes. Making her own gasoline, make war ships, vehicles and many other internally built necessities. Whereas Nigeria after hundred years of existence still imports toothpicks and you are preparing to wear green and white to celebrate her on October 1st.My dear if we must tell ourselves the truth, are you not fooling yourself? There is nothing whatsoever linking Nigeria as a state to celebration.

A state that maintained the same set of greedy leader since her inception recycling themselves on the seat of power, looting national treasury willingly .But the poor beggar on the street will be sent to the court of law if eventually seen pick money on the ground. A state where leaders taste for power like a man in fire thirst for water,some kill their parents, children, sacrifice loved ones and friends just to be in power.
With all sincerity Nigeria should be mourned and not celebrated because Nigeria as a state failed and died a painful death in December 2014.

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