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Sunday, 18 September 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

The recent United Nations Common Country Analysis, CCA, on Nigeria's political cohesion and existence right from the very first day the British-created and colonised country attained independence in 1960 has further shed light on the fact that Nigeria as a country is inarguably surviving on a borrowed time. Although the analysis is characterised with international diplomacy with respect to the territorial integrity of Nigeria as a country, the undertone and disposition of the report clearly left no stone unturned in enumerating to the whole world the indispensable factors that has buttressed Nigeria as a failed state, resulting to a high level economic downturn, as well as grievous retardation in societal development and massive upsurge in structural imbalances.

According to the UN CCA report, Nigeria have over the years been starved of good governance and characterised with a high level of human rights abuses, various regional insecurity, embezzlement of public funds resulting from the impunitious unaccountability of political office holders in the country, and worsened by infringement on the independence of notable institutions in the country, as a result of the emergence of successive corrupt and tyrannical administrations.

  “Nigeria faces humanitarian and emergency crises of considerable proportions fueled by a combination of factors including climate change, inter-communal conflicts and violence, insurgency, recurring floods, heavy handed tactics of security forces in combating crime and insurgency. The overall consequence is the situation of systematic and chronic internal displacement that has given rise to different humanitarian crises that include the most egregious and dehumanizing human rights abuses.

 “Over 80 million Nigerians live in poverty and are affected in one way or the other by the current humanitarian crisis. Available reports indicate that there are over 3.3 million Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, which is Africa’s largest, ranking behind Syria and Columbia on a global scale.

 “The major challenges Nigeria is currently facing that constrain her economic growth and social development are lack of good governance, general increased insecurity across geo-political zones in North East, Niger Delta and Lake Chad region in particular. The situation is exacerbated by the existence of systematic accountability challenges, limited capacities of independent institutions/ commissions and limited accountability at the federal, states and local government levels.

“Nigeria is a deeply divided society considering the plurality of ethnic, religious and regional identities that define her political existence. Since independence in 1960, Nigeria has struggled to build and sustain national integration. For decades, different segments of Nigeria’s population had, at different times, expressed feelings of marginalization, of being short-changed, dominated, oppressed, threatened, or even targeted for elimination.” United Nations stated in the report.

While the determinants of the glaring challenges that has adversely infected Nigeria is not far from the facts as stated by the UN, it is imperative to note that it goes beyond the political deficiencies; it goes beyond the very day Britain decided to let go of their most populous and lucrative colony in Africa; it surpasses endemic corruption and retarded social development.

The indispensable truth is that Nigeria, on its own is inorganic in nature; the problem of the country is deep rooted on the unsolicited conglomeration of diverse ethnic, cultural, religious inclined nationalities into a geographical entity; bound by the chains of Sovereignty and the so called territorial integrity.
The major reason why the British colonists amalgamated different nations and named them Nigeria even without the mandate or approval of the people themselves was solely to advance their colonial and imperialistic ideologies based on their selfish economic interests and quest for Power among nations of the world. This is why it remains nearly, if not an impossibility for the British government to support anything related to the restoration of Biafra as a sovereign state.

While the British government were desperate to have their footprint stamped in Africa, Fredrick Lugard and his wife Flora Shaw were even more ready to write their names on the sands of time; even if it means dusting away the political, cultural and natural identity of the people. Biafra never survived the tragedy of the 'Berling conference', having fallen prey to the British colonists which gave birth to the creation of Nigeria under the barrel of the gun.

The UN and the world at large are aware of the fact that as long as Nigeria continues exist, so shall the genocidal killings, human rights abuses, marginalisations, unending insecurity, religious violence and regional sentiments that has characterised the contraption ever since it was created never cease.
Africa and the world needs Biafra more than the greedy and corrupt Nigerian politicians and their allies needs Nigeria for their embezzlement.

The UN can no longer afford to turn its eyes aware from the glaring and inevitable truth because Biafra has become a moral burden to the world; until the freedom of Biafrans from the bondage of Nigeria is assured, peace shall continuously elude the world. The restoration of Biafra can no longer be suppressed because Nigeria is a failed experiment.


  1. Nigeria is a symbke ot slavery against blacks.

  2. The U.N, EU, U.S. and global community know the truth. It amazes why they let the radical jihadist Northern caliphate to continue to marginalize, kill, butcher, massacre, enslave and Islamize the Christian South - especially Biafrans in the East. It's an irony and the hypocrisy of the global power. But we must continue to speak the truth, protest peacefully globally and do all we can to free ourselves from the murderous Islamic North. Biafra must be restored no matter what!


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