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Thursday 13 October 2016



Nnamdi Kanu

By Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu Disciple)

For Family Writers

"We are fighting corruption, anywhere we see corruption, we must fight it no matter who is involved or which institution is involved" is the word of the great LION of Biafra, NNAMDI KANU De Great.  Immediately the most corrupt Judge of the century, Justice John Tsoho hands-off his prolong case with Govt of Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu is a great educationist who educates the world populace from all corners and all fronts. Everything about Nnamdi Kanu teaches the world one thing at a time. Prior to Nnamdi Kanu emergence as an intellectual builder, I, Onyebuchi Eze is claiming to be an educated man even when I was intellectually dwarf.

But when Nnamdi Kanu emerged with the great requisition for the restoration of Biafra, I discovered that I was an educated man of Nigeria measurement carrying my certificate about but still intellectually bankrupt. Nnamdi Kanu has made me a man of wisdom. My intellectual development from Nnamdi Kanu is also the same with virtually everybody in Nigeria including professors of law. Is it not just on 12/10/2016, that it came to the knowledge of a whole celebrated legal practitioner in Nigeria and one time President of NBA, Olisa Agbakoba SAN, that the lawless organization called DSS is not in the constitution of Nigeria.

A knowledge he obtained through the press release made available to the world by the spokespersons of IPOB worldwide Bar Emma Nmezu and Dr Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya. To prove my point that Mazi Kanu is an eye opener is a report coming to the desk of Family Writers that FARMERS ASSOCIATION of Benue state has dragged the government of Nigeria to ECOWAS court over the perennial damaged of their farms by Fulani herdsmen shielded by Nigeria security agents. According to the report, the Defendants of the suit are as follows:

(1) The Federal Government of Nigeria,

(2) Attorney-General of the Federation (The Chief Law Officer of Nigeria),

(3) Inspector-General of Police (Although former one, Mr. Solomon Arase),

(4) Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders of Nigeria.

The case may not be of any importance to Biafrans because we are neither the plaintiff nor any of the defendants. My place of interest is that Nnamdi Kanu in his usual way of liberating people has shown Nigerians road to ECOWAS court which legal misfits in Nigeria called lawyers (half baked) do not know. Can anybody answer these questions? Before Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra dragged Nigeria govt to ECOWAS court, how many people in Nigeria has taken their case to ECOWAS court? How many people in Nigeria even know that such courts do exist? How many legal practitioners in Nigeria have advised their clients to seek redress there over impunity being committed in Nigeria by powers that be? Permit me to say that most lawyers in Nigeria are half baked.

My article that will come after this one will openly analyze how dwarf most legal practitioners in Nigeria is intellectually and on legal know how. It is on record that it was after Nnamdi Kanu dragged Nigeria government to ECOWAS court, that the counsel to Col Sambo Dasuki rtd becomes aware that an individual citizen can sue even a member’s state of ECOWAS to the court. Later, counsel to Apo Okadas massacred by DSS also quickly looked for a law firm through which to sue DSS/Nigeria government to the same ECOWAS court of justice.

Before now, many people in Nigeria thought that Nigeria courts which have become enclaves for travesty of Justice, Justice for highest bidder and citadel of judicial rascality is the bus stop for seeking JUSTICE. To God be the glory for raising Nnamdi Kanu whom I described in one of my previous articles as GOD'S GIFT OF THE MILLENNIUM TO AFRICA. Nnamdi Kanu has opened the eyes of all sectors of the Nigerian society to understand the power of the law. Just yesterday, I was reading through the website of ECOWAS court and I saw four pending suits filed from Nigeria during their period of vacation from 25th July to 25th September 2016, all the suits bothering on human right abuses of Nigerian citizens.

For doubting thomases, if you know any person in last ten years who have taken case to ECOWAS court before Nnamdi Kanu to seek justice, please send his name to me. No wonder Nnamdi Kanu said verbatim that he is fighting corruption. Nnamdi Kanu indeed is an eye opener to Nigerians. The current calls left, right and center for the restructuring of Nigeria by even Chief Emeka Anyaoku is a way of saying yes to Nnamdi Kanu demand for restoration of Biafra but they are all afraid of vampire-Buhari's arrest and victimization should they call for restoration of Biafra as fearless Nnamdi Kanu did. As Nnamdi Kanu has shown Nigerians way to ECOWAS court, soon ECOWAS court will be flooded with cases from Nigeria. No wonder Igbo Youths gave Nnamdi Kanu (THE GREAT LIBERATOR OF NDIGBO) award.

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