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Tuesday 25 October 2016



By Egwuatu Chukz.
For Family Writers

In a recent visit by Family Writers to the popular Spiritual leader and activist, Prophet Anthony Nwoko, who cautioned President Muhammadu Buhari over his hardened heart towards Biafra restoration, warning him that the ways of man is different from the ways God.

 Angered by Buhari’s “no referendum for Biafra”, Prophet Nwoko said that whether referendum or no referendum, Biafra would be restored under the watch of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, and also warned Buhari to have a rethink and let Biafra go because no amount of force would stop the Biafra project, not even Buhari himself.

Moreover, In a statement titled; BIAFRA: BUHARI LET MY PEOPLE GO. The Prophet said:
  "Buhari is telling the world that there is no way Biafra will emerge through referendum under his administration. I want to let him know that the ways of God is quite different from the ways of a carnal man like Buhari and the world at large.
   "Biafra is God’s heavenly project, which has been ordained from heaven to liberate Africa as a whole and the rest of black man. The heavens have a mandate for Biafra restoration.
  "So, no President, Senator or any other power, can stop the plan of God. I advice Buhari and those backing him, to bow because nobody that works against God’s plan will live to tell the story, not even himself, Buhari." he said.

While proclaiming the return of the lost Biafra glory, Prophet Nwoko, challenged President Buhari that if he is in doubt, let him assemble his prophets, Imams or any other power for a challenge.
  "The three wise men saw the glory of God in a star, they did not conceal it. But the reverse is the case in Nigeria for not to allowing the light to manifest, because of tribalism against Biafra nation.
 "I still assure the world that no matter the obstacle for Biafra, the detention of Nnamdi Kanu by Nigeria President, the spirit says touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm,

  "Kanu is a project of God and therefore, he is an apple of God. So, Buhari should let my people go, anything short of that, he and his government will blame themselves for destroying Nigeria. A word is enough for the wise."

 On the economic recession, Prophet Nwoko said that the APC led government and its Vice President has no authority from above to deliver Nigeria, because they don’t have all it takes. He said that the Prophets, Seers, Pastors, Priests are all deceiving them because they cannot represent or speak for the nation.
   "They are not the mouthpiece of God. Since the All Progressive Congress (APC) led government has denied the Holy Spirit, the nation can go carnally. Therefore, there is no positive result coming out of them.

  "As a matter of fact, the Holy Spirit has departed from Nigeria. If the nation wants to be liberated, they should seek the face of God in Biafra land. God hates injustice, and Nigeria cannot eat their cake and have it.
  "The road to salvation is in the South of Nigeria now, and Buhari and Osibanjo are all parasites, reaping where they did not sow.
 "I stand in authority as the mouthpiece of God to declare that there will be no peace, no blessing, as a matter of fact, the heaven is sealed up against this wicked nation called Nigeria." Nwoko prophesied.

Edited by Emilia Domendu
For Family Writers.

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