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Friday 9 December 2016



By Ekwenye Samuel Chukwunweike

For Family Writers

The battle for survival is not an easy one, especially in this part of the world, Africa and Nigeria to be precise. The battle in Nigeria as we all know is never an easy one, it has always been a battle and survival of the fittest which has always been in the favour of the Northerner's (Hausa-Fulani's) than to the Easterners (Biafrans) since the illegal union in 1914 till date by the British government.

We have been fighting and crying for Biafra yet our agitations seems to be over looked upon by some key world leader even in the midst of several ongoing massacre and Genocides carried out on Biafrans by the Nigeria government. Biafrans are abducted molested, intimidated and when we call for help no one seems to hear our voices. We are having sleepless night over the issue of our leader, Nnamdi Kanu who has been in prison since October, 2015 and also the constant Human rights violations on the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), whose existence has totally been abused in Nigeria by President Muhammadu Buhari and his armed forces. In the recent court case on the 17th day of November 2016, we saw how our journalists were arrested and beaten for nothing sake, their equipments were confiscated just for been a Biafran.

I want to let us know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and we must press ahead to get there so as to embrace the light. We must realise that we must give something to get something back. The sacrifices haven’t been easy. Millions of Biafran lives have been lost since the civil war, but we keep matching forward with the believe in our hearts that freedom will be ours soonest. Temptations come from Satan but trials comes directly from God. The devil might be tempting us to surrender or to take up arms and wage war against the incessant killings and molestation of our people, but God will allow it as a trial to know the strength of our faith in him. I want to encourage us never to give up. The road to success is never an easy road to pass through. Many people had gone through that road, yet only few can testify of an achievement while others succumbed and couldn't get to the end. If a plant did not decay, it cannot reproduce. The seed has been sown by our amiable leader Nnamdi Kanu and we are expected never to let each seed in us to die. We must keep matching forward. We are almost there.

Many people will come against us and threaten us as I have seen and witnessed so far both on facebook, twitter and also a face to face threat. I had and will never give an inch of listening ears to them. Even amongst us, there are still some hard hearted and selfish Igbo leaders who are only good in their corrupted and evil Ways, using the blood money they made from president Buhari to enrich themselves, while innocent Biafrans die of starvation and bad infrastructures in Biafra land.
Well, some of you may not understand but this simply means that some people most especially the saboteurs in the Igbo elites, have been using the moment of Biafra as an advantage to seek for jobs under Buhari which are finally offered to them. But don't worry for them, because their end thereof would be destruction.

Our mission had been and will always remain the restoration of Biafra. We must neither surrender nor retreat until Biafra is fully restored. We must always press ahead and do that which we know how to do best. We must never give up on our efforts until we get to the end of that tunnel, its either they kill us for Biafra or they give us Biafra. Buhari has an evil agenda which he is trying to accomplish, but we must stand to our feet and reveal to the public that Dictator Buhari cannot intimidate us. BIAFRANS don't get left behind because your enemies will think that you have been defeated, but prove to them that we are resolute, we must stand United and keep moving forward to the promise Land. No retreat no surrender until we get Biafra.

Edited by Somto Okonkwo for family writers


  1. One Nigeria is a different way of enslaving the seed of Israel by the Roman empires which are the so called white men/British today. The Biafrans who's father is the Igbo, the Igbo who's father is God, God who's father is Jacob, Jacob who is the father of 12 tribes of Israel. WAKE UP Biafrans and make research of who you are, the more you know your history the more you know who you really are and what you should be doing and how to worship Most High Yahuah the creator of heaven and earth. (PSALM 83 vs 3 - 4) The white men cut real Israelite off from being a nation, the white men cut seed of Israelite the Biafrans off from the African map and Biafrans were off from being a nation. And that is what Hausa are trying to the Biafrans by trying to cut off the Niger Deltan's like Akwe Ibom, Rivers, Cross Rivers, Bayesia and Delta states from the Biafra Land and they are doing it trough the help of Britain. SO WAKE UP BIAFRANS WAKE UP BIAFRANS , Biafrans wake up.

  2. Enter your comment...accepting one Nigeria citizenship is like sending person to hell fire alive. Everything in Nigeria has been malfunctioning and it will continue to malfunction until Biafra is let go. It's never possible for kerosene to get dissolved in the water, we are not Nigerians and nobody born of mortal can force or convince us to accept that illegal union in 1914 by Fredrick Lord Lugard anymore.
    We hereby denounced the marriage. Even sir Alhaji Tafawa Balewa a Nigerian stated in one of his speeches in 1952 that the igbos who are trooping into the north are intruders and are not welcomed. He went further to say that the fact that we are all black must have misguided the British to join Biafra and Nigeria together. We migrated from Israel and for that fact, we are Israelis in Africa otherwise known as Biafrans, not Nigerians.


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