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Friday, 9 December 2016



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers

The time to make change is now, or live to regret it forever. A stitch in time saves nine.
However, you may have been infected by the poisonous venom of the evil Nigeria, you may feel that you are too committed to the affairs in Nigeria, that Nigeria may have much to offer you, but the truth remains that the future and life of your kith and kins is the most paramount thing you should ever think of.  Is it not foolish to be claiming a die-hard Nigerian, a country you're older than? What was your true identity before you were called a Nigerian? Does Nigeria in anyway define who you are or define your true identity?

You shouldn't forget that we are the ones who voted you into that office that you are occupying in the so called Nigeria. Of course one of the reasons we voted or appointed you into that office is for you to represent our interest in the government and not to enrich your pockets and leave us die in the hands of vampires and enemies of our future.

It's very pathetic that you're the chief security of the state, while your brothers and sisters are not just killed but massacred on daily basis, whereas you fold your arms and watch them die helplessly without doing anything to stop it or a word from you condemning such atrocity.

You have all it takes to hit the enemies hard, but out of your coward disposition, foolishness and hopelessness, you refused to safeguard the people who bestowed their trust and mandate on you as their leader.
The survival and well-being of your people is the reason we voted you into that office and heeding to the demands of the people which you swore to abide by. What benefit or joy do you derive in watching the blood of your people flow ceaselessly daily on the streets without doing anything to stop it? Does it pay to bite the fingers that fed you?

It's disheartening that you choose to be the thorn in the flesh of your own people, all in the name of being loyal to the evil Hausa Fulani and the Northern hegemony who never knew your forefathers and has nothing to do with who you are and your people.

Be rest assured that those Hausa Fulanis who are the British puppet, doesn't even give a damn about you or whatsoever you are doing in the name of protecting the borders of the expired Nigeria at the detriment of the lives of your people.

To you, you're working for the evil Nigeria as you may tag it, but the Hausas (northerners) are seeing you as an infidel who ought to be slaughtered like a fowl. The northerners and pedophile Buhari, who you claim to work for, can never regard you as those working for the betterment of Nigeria, but as the people destroying and ruining his government.

Biafra politicians should have it at the back of their minds, whether they believe it or not; the only thing that interests the northern politicians is only the interest of the North and not even Nigeria who you're scavenging and ruthlessly working to protect.

Biafra politicians are always the people working for the interest of Nigerians and campaigning for one Nigeria, while the northerners doesn't give a damn and are only interested in developing their region.

Nigeria is a hell bent on the extermination of Biafrans, as no Biafran who worked for Nigeria that doesn't come back to Biafra land in shame.
The likes of GEJ (Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan) and Ibeh Kachiukwu can attest to how they were humiliated and chased out of office by the blood sucking Hausa Fulanis.
Although, they (the Hausas) may claim to be your friend, laugh and cheer with you, but that is not who you are in their inner heart.

To those parading themselves as IPOB elders, whose aims and objectives is nothing other than, collecting a token of peanuts from the countless resources coming out of Biafra land, from the hand of pedophile Buhari; they should learn their lessons as the days of reckoning is fast approaching. Stop using the name of IPOB and our leader Prophet Nnamdi Kanu in executing your devilish and selfish plans at the detriment of our lives, as you're no longer in anyway representing our iinterest.

We are making it clear that you people are not our leader, the only credible and resolute leader we have is, Prophet Nnamdi Kanu and him alone remains the only trusted person to represent and speak on our behalf.

Don't forget that we are keeping and taking the accurate records of how you people have been sabotaging our struggle to freedom all in the name of enriching yourselves.

Nigeria is never your root, Nigeria is never a nation, but a contraption and a British experiment, simply bent on the subjugation and extermination of Biafrans- the best brains and the light of Africa.

Moreover, be rest assured that we are horribly loosing our patience, as we shall revolt on you in no distant time. You may have all the escorts, but know it that they won't protect you from us any time we come for you.

IPOB is a resolute and determined people every sane mind shouldn't tamper with as anybody who goes against us, would be totally crushed and destroyed forever.

Moreso, it is still fresh in our mind about Mark Zuckerberg's predicament in just a single slight move against Biafra and IPOB.
He loosed a huge amount of dollars, which almost cost him Facebook and without hesitation restored back what he tampered with, in the hands of Biafrans.

Finally, Biafran politicians and those parading themselves as IPOB elders, should act fast in joining the struggle to restore our dear nation and the ancient land of our forefathers, Biafra.

Nigeria should be buried never to be remembered, as Britain has been hiding under it (Nigeria) to kill and maim #Biafrans.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.


  1. This open letter to Biafra politicians and IPOB elders by Mazi Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius made me to shade some tears this morning. Who and what has bewitched Biafran politicians and Ohaneze? Can't they see what's happening to their sons, daughters and land? May they wake-up quickly from slumber and join the quest for restoration of Biafra nation before it's too late for them. Hausa-Fulani caliphate and Yoruba traitors do not give a damn about us. In fact, they treat us as slaves. If we don’t liberate ourselves this time, in another 50 years or less, Biafrans will be enslaved and Islamized in Nigeria.

  2. Well written brother, the earlier the better for them because when the time comes, if they don't represent us now who voted them, they would be removed and jailed.


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