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Saturday 6 May 2017



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

As countdown for Anambra state governorship election billed for November this year remain six months, all the political predators and prodigal sons in Anambra state have started prowling for hungry Biafrans as cheap prey to lure into the election full of brigandage as they are splashing money left, right and center to woo hunger ravaging Biafrans to go and vote or participate in Nigeria dubious election billed to hold in the said November this year. It is noteworthy that Biafrans all over the world have rejected and will continue to reject any election organized by Nigeria government in Biafraland including the above mentioned Anambra state governorship election billed for November this year.

Can any superior argument from anybody including the politicians tell Biafrans why we should vote in elections where Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba slaves like Gov Willie Obiano of Anambra state, Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu state, Gov Rochas Okorocha of Imo state and many others imposed on Biafrans to be supporting the massacre of our people in the broad daylight by Nigeria soldiers and go ahead and deny same? Can any superior argument from anybody convince Biafrans on why we should participate in election which produces bunch of legislative morons like most Senators of Biafraland which has never sponsored, moved or seconded any motion on the floor of the senate for their eight years in the senate?

For example, in the nearly 8 years stay in the senate of Sen. Andy Uba representing Anambra South Senatorial zone and once Chairman Senate committee on INEC matters, the only motion I know he moved in the floor of senate was when he moved motion that Late Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu should be given a state burial so that MASSOB will not capitalize on his burial and frame up their agitation the more, and the motion passed first and second reading on the floor and was adopted because of what Sen David Mark described as a matter of national necessity. Can any superior argument from anywhere convince Biafrans on why we should vote and participate in any election which produces Hausa/Fulani slaves like Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who hosted & celebrated the Chief Gambari (Sultan of Sokoto) in Enugu few weeks after his Fulani janjaweed brothers massacred Biafrans in their hundreds in Uzo-Uwani, Awgu, Awkunanaw which the Gambari never open his mouth and condemn? In putting record straight, Biafrans can only be convinced that the politicians love us should they move Nigeria govt to organize a UN monitored referendum to test the political decision of Biafrans in the Biafra question.

It is upon this ground that Biafraland eligible voters wish to tell Biafraland politicians such as Governors, Senators, House of Rep members, Ministers and other card carrying politicians that if they want us to vote in the forthcoming Anambra state governorship election if Biafra is not yet restored till then, we want them to move motion for Biafra referendum in both chambers of National Assembly of Nigeria (Senate and House of Rep). If politicians in Biafraland including Chief Chekwas Okorie of UPP and MOBIN put heads together and stand behind the Senators and House Rep members to sponsor, move and second motions for Biafra referendum in both the red Chamber (Senate) and the green Chamber (House of Rep) and vehemently stand by the motion until it scale through second reading and debate in the floor of the senate and House of Rep, awaiting the reference of motion for Biafra referendum go down to state House of Assembly in Biafraland, Constituency hearings in senatorial zones and federal house constituencies in Biafraland, town hall meetings to hear from relevant stakeholders like town unions, traditional rulers, religious leaders, youths leaders, women leaders, opinion leaders and leaders of Thoughts in Biafraland in order for the motion to be adopted as legitimate interest of the 33 Senatorial zones which fall in the territory of Biafraland, if not Biafrans will never vote  Anambra state governorship election in November. If Chekwas Okorie who has being parading himself as a sympathizer of Biafra restoration and calling on Biafrans to vote his UPP which has a sugar-coated party manifesto of Self-determination during the elections has interest of Biafrans at his heart, let him and his political colleagues in Biafraland join hands together and stand by Biafraland Senators to move motion for Biafra referendum in the senate and House of Rep.

If they fail to move motion for Biafra referendum from now to November this year when election is billed to be held, let Chekwas Okorie, Senators & governors in Biafraland keep quiet forever because Biafrans will reject them as we have rejected Nigeria elections.


I rest my case


  1. Nice talk and write up I must tell you.from the way I see things, it seems you are speaking for your self and claiming its biafrans. Enough of all this actup speeches and comments without proper back up. My opinion, until Biafra has gotten a cogeant platform were a large number of biafrans and I mean a platform for biafrans alone can meet and agree on whatever plan, we or they have, I suggest we comply to whatever as long as it will development to us. Because if we say no vote, that will not stop the government from running it affairs. You are only encouraging Obianos govement to continue.

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