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Wednesday 25 October 2017



By Ekwenye Samuel for Family Writers Press.

Reasons why Nigerian Soldiers Are Responsible For Re-abducting
Nnamdi Kanu.

Whose duty is it to produce Nnamdi Kanu?

Nnamdi Kanu was initially arrested on October 14, 2015 and after two years in detention, he was released under stringent bail conditions on April 28, 2017 while his case file still remained at the Federal High Court Abuja for further trials in due time.
Among three people who stood as sureties for the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu, was Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe who hails from Abia State- South East part of Biafra and resides in Abuja, the capital territory of Nigeria for his ministerial job. He represents Abia South Senatorial zone which is the whole of Aba zone.

Nnamdi Kanu after being released vowed that elections would no longer hold in any part of Biafra land if referendum for Biafra restoration is not conducted and the majority of the Igbo populace (Biafrans) adhered to his new order.
Ever since then, the Nigerian government led by President Muhammadu Buhari started deploying soldiers to Nnamdi Kanu's town from September 4th to 12th in order to attack Nnamdi Kanu in his home on which not less than 15 innocent Biafran youths both boys and girls were directly and indirectly shot dead through sporadic spraying of bullets by the Nigerian government troops. The plans of the Nigerian government through the use of their troops were successfully carried out to either kill or rearrest Nnamdi Kanu secretly so that elections scheduled in the South East and South South of Biafra will be successful as they are expecting huge turnout of people as compared to the previous elections to come and cast their votes.

On the 14th day of September, the soldiers numbering close to 400 troops attacked his home and killed not less than 30 people on the spot. People ran helter skelter from the venue and around the venue for their dear lives. Immediately after the attacks,  Nnamdi Kanu and his parents were nowhere to be found whether dead or alive. Then, we ask:


The Nigerian government led by APC Buhari and their soldiers are in a better position to answer this question because they had a motive for abducting Nnamdi Kanu, which is still a method they applied to extort money from Nnamdi Kanu's sureties and possibly jail them as they have started to threaten Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe. They are doing all these in a bid to exterminate Biafrans, use the money to support and sustain the already dead and dwindling economy of Nigeria.

The Nigerian soldiers either abducted or killed Nnamdi Kanu so why would the Nigerian government ask for his whereabout?
Was it you or I that invaded Nnamdi Kanu's residence?  Was it senator Abaribe that invaded his home and abducted him? Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe has no case to answer but rather, he has to accuse and file a case before ICC against the Nigerian government for abducting a person he surety.  It is a criminal offence to kidnap someone that has a case at the Federal High Court of a country like Nigeria by the same government who released him and then, still ask for his whereabouts.
It was the Nigerian army that attacked him, and that is why they are in a better position to answer that question about his whereabouts.

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe is not a security man hence he is not a personal security to Nnamdi Kanu so as to protect him against the Nigerian army when they came in their numbers heavily armed with all sorts of military hardwares including armoured tanks and grenades to his compound to execute their devilish plans.

Nigeria must produce Nnamdi Kanu, his parents and all the Biafran Youths they abducted, to us whether dead or alive otherwise, the unimaginable will happen to Nigeria.

We cannot bear to lose  many lives in the hands of the Nigerian soldiers, holding our leader captive and then still demand for his whereabout. They abducted him and never shall we allow them to get away with that invasion and abduction.

We know the tricks they are playing and that is why we insist and still insisting that they must provide Nnamdi Kanu.

Nnamdi Kanu in 2012 who said that he can never sell out his people in the middle of nowhere is still the same Nnamdi Kanu in 2017.  The truth remains that he was  abducted or probably, secretly killed by the Nigerian soldiers to frustrate his followers, not knowing that the disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu will frustrate Nigeria itself and tarnish the already destroyed image of Nigeria to abyss.

Remain blessed till i come your way next time on another edition of FWFFA.


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