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Thursday 10 May 2018



By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

Many people on social media have started asserting that Nnamdi Kanu should form a common front for all Biafra agitators to be in one umbrella. "It would have been so wonderful if IPOB comes to terms with their leaders and elites and develop one common front against their enemies".

But if I may ask, which of the leaders and elites should IPOB work with? Is it people likes Orji Uzo Kalu and Idika Kanu Idika who chosed to use their Sun newspaper to rope IPOB into fake house bombing they never got to hear about till recently. Is that the kind of elites IPOB will work with amidst this kind of hatred and maliciousness?

It is on record that in 2017, group of Biafra agitators led by comrade Uchenna Mmadu faction of MASSOB met with Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra and adopted him as the figurehead of the Biafra struggle, hence he was officially endorsed as the leader of all Biafra agitators. And since then IPOB has been in the fore, championing the struggle and gathering the much needed attention and momentum as regards to Biafra struggle.

Now that the Nigerian presidential election is drawing closer, some people have started saying that IPOB should not boycott the election, instead they should use the opportunity to bring into power, men that believes in Biafra ideology. This too is beautiful. This is against the order given by IPOB leader that all Nigerian election must be boycotted as a way of showing displeasure and driving home the fact that to Biafrans, Nigeria is not only a failed state but no longer exist. IPOB will definitely achieve great things if they use their PVC and elect someone, a hardcore Biafran into top political office, they said. They even went further to say that Nigeria is so primitive for a boycott to be successful. They also said, unless Biafrans decide to pick up arms and without working with the leaders and elites, there will not be any referendum. This is really ridiculous!

When one listens to these narratives, one might think that it is IPOB that have refused to work alongside their leaders and elites but It is actually these elites and leaders that have continuously worked and is currently working against the interest of the people they claim to be representing in the Nigerian politics. They have done nothing than to steal from the people and worship their HausaFulani "Lords" up North. A clear example of this was when they abandoned their meeting with Nnamdi Kanu and proscribed IPOB. They went on to support the invading of Nnamdi Kanu's house, torturing and killing hundreds of IPOB members in broad daylight. These are the men they are asking you and all of us to embrace and work with.

Recently I have come to the conclusion that most people we started this struggle with are completely ignorant of the jungleness, dirtiness and the zooness of this contraption called Nigeria. When you read their articles on Nigeria you will think they understand what is prevalent herein, but once they start talking about PVC and election, Nigeria becomes eldorado for them and a place where your votes will all count. But to be honest, atimes I feel these men have been induced or cajoled into submission, but on the other hand I think some of them are just being myopically sincere of their shallow understanding of Nigeria and her political class. Thinking someone like Buhari can be voted out with ordinary card called PVC is a day dream. This is a tyrant who under his watch, Nigerian military killed more than 1,000 Nigerians with impunity and nothing happened.

The tyrant who looked the Senators and House of Representative members in the eye and whose body language suggested he trashed them all and said "GET OUT ALL OF YOU" and went on to withdraw money from the national account without their approval, and yet nothing happened. This is a man that is currently using Nigeria police to manhandle a serving senator, yet these men think they can vote him out in an election he is incharge of with a mere card. What a people! Can you beat your chest and say Buhari has not committed an impeachable offence? If he has, what is stopping it? Or haven't you heard that his impeachment will cause civil war in Nigeria?

Some are going around saying Buhari can not rig election in the states. This got me laughing these morning. Brothers, there are many ways to rig election. If you are offered 500million in an election you are a aspirant, without assurance that you will win, won't you work with the presidency and make sure their own candidate wins. It is even worse when they present you with some illegal dealings you have been involved in as a way of subjecting you into submission.

Let us face reality for once. The nature of Nigeria has made impossible for anyone working in certain offices not to engage in certain illegalities. To get someone on their side is as easy as anything easy. At times these men fight dirty on media while meeting at night and have their deal signed and sealed. Day in, day out  the people remains the fooled. Your trusted candidate can easily be bought over. Here the water is so dirty and infested with hippos and crocodiles. Do what others are doing or get bitten. This is Nigeria.

IPOB is aware of these dirty crocodile infested waters called Nigeria. IPOB boycott of election is targeted at clearing these dangerous carnivorous animals masquerading as our leaders so as to get Biafra restored.

If we successfully boycott this election, we will be closer to erecting a platform that will give rise to new crop of leaders.

Anyone that die voting died for nothing! Join Biafrans worldwide to celebrate the fallen heroes of Biafra on 30th May 2018.


Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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