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Tuesday 31 July 2018

2019: The Clamor For PVC And Cry For Justice Part 1

2019: The Clamor For PVC And Cry For Justice Part 1

By Kingsley John Chibuzor
For Family Writers Press

I am 2019 and fast approaching with many packages filled up with internal sorrow and everlasting happiness. All eyes from different angles of the world are placed upon me to come and they are at alert to tell my stories themselves. After 2019, I will be gone forever and will never return again.

It saddens me when I noticed that some individuals will use my precious name that is ordained for good things to commit many atrocities and inhumane acts. It also weakens me when I realise the harm that will befall men if I am not used properly in my time. It will be the worst mistake ever to man kind if my message to them is not adhered to before the time arrives.

My colleagues from 1960 have made numerous mistakes which brought doom to man kind in Nigeria and I am here to correct it before my time arrives if they will listen.

So, in this first edition of my educative, historic and revolutionary message. I will be touching some areas that will definitely affect many godly and ungodly beings. But if they fail to adhere to this massage it will be disastrous to them.

It is quite true that 2019 has already been carved out by the political class in Nigeria to use the citizens in voting out the so called bad leaders and also replace them with the same old people as new ones in 2019. The fact is that we have been making mistakes in the name of "VOTING OUT WITH PVC". Now my question goes this way; who is competent to vote for in Nigeria because all the politicians including Buhari has for long lost the sight of leadership and are unconcerned about the welfare of the people. Who will clean the tears of families who were left hopelessly with no homes since all the political leaders in the country are the same and only after themselves

For several years, Nigeria have been under democracy, yet nothing seems to be working. It is high time we rise and speak up because PVC and continuous voting same heartless and wicked politicians can never end or reduce the injustices and atrocities been perpetuated against the innocent and armless people, especially Biafrans. No amount of PVC can bring the required change in Nigeria except referendum.

Referendum is the only solution to ending the so many problems and ongoing atrocities  in Nigeria. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has asked for referendum to be given to them to determine either to stay or exit Nigeria. The middle belt has also called for referendum for their people. Referendum is the only way forward in Nigeria now.


Edited by Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For Family Writers Press.

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