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Monday 2 July 2018


By Amanda UZOR
For Family Writers Press

With few months until Muhammadu Buhari returns to oblivion in Daura, many Nigerians are unsure if they can tolerate that much additional exposure to Muhammadu Buhari, a number one embarrassment to Nigeria since 2015. “That's a long time of disgrace, some people say.

“As millions of Nigerians impatiently count down the days until Muhammadu Buhari disappears forever, eleven more months of him “seems like a lifetime,” Fatima Diallo, a journalist friend of mine who has been studying the Nigerian democracy jokes, said. “Nigerians’ traumatic encounter of Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 has gone through several phases,” Fatima said. “First, they had difficulties remembering who he was. Then, once they remembered, they recoiled in horror.

Finally, they began actively wishing he would go away forever”. There's protest everywhere, every now and then and that's bad for any government.
Funny though, the majority of those who chanted change, raising the APC banner with their left hands and Muhammadu Buhari's hand with the right hand are the same who wish they never did. Isn't it obvious these guys didn't do their homework? That's how dirty Nigerian politics is.

Even as they long for the day when Muhammadu Buhari resumes his rightful place in obscurity, many Nigerians are experiencing feelings of anger and disbelief that he was permitted to crawl back into their consciousness, to begin with, many others are preparing for another election, with Muhammadu Buhari as their flag bearer. Of the many inexcusable things that fake Nigerian news has done the 2015 election, repeatedly subjecting Nigerians to Muhammadu Buhari is at the top of the list. The human cost has been just enormous.

As they wait impatiently to endure the final few months of Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerians should not just isolate Buhari. Nigerians should know that there are millions of people just like him, and even more who are unsure if they can stand another few months of Yemi Osinbajo, the so-called Christian pastor. Nigerians don't understand the science of politics so, they vote for the party and not personality.

The problem is that Nigerian politics is about grabs, not even one of the political parties representatives has the good of the people in mind while running for office because the people who follow them don't know them. The populace is continually blind-folded until after the election. The big question thrown at Nigerians today is, now that they have remembered who Buhari was, will they go back to the poll to bring him right back to another four years of undemocratic rule?
Another four years of impunity will be an eternity for Nigerians.

The harsh reality is that Buhari's administration is a torture and murder cult, not meant for any people who wish liberty. “Nicolo Machiavelli had emphasized the harsh realities of power”. Like many Nigerians, he was fed up with his ancient Roman politics in such a way that he was no longer prepared to talk about politics in terms set by religious faith (indeed, he instead, looked upon politics as a secular discipline divorced from theology.

Today, Nigerians live in what Thomas Hobbes, a British philosopher envisaged and tried to avoid by suggesting we should give our obedience to an unaccountable sovereign (a person or group empowered to decide every social and political issue). Otherwise what awaits us is a "state of nature" that closely resembles civil war – a situation of universal insecurity, where all have reason to fear violent death and where rewarding human cooperation is all but impossible. However, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have put in place, a real movement for the emancipation of all good peoples of Nigeria to achieve a positive change.

Nonetheless, there is now little time left for definitive actions in the South and East region on this important movement and so we are behind the curve of history again due to poor leadership. But those who are serious and can go on with the movement with neither compromise nor coalition because their mission is to cooperate with the enemies to promote the corporate plantation, one Nigeria.

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