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Friday 10 August 2018



Published by Family Writers Press.

It's no Longer News that the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) will Strategically Use Civil Disobedience to peruse the Quest of the Sovereign State of Biafra through a Peaceful means of Referendum and as such have gone ahead, printing over 40 million Ballot Referendum ballot papers. In this light,  the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)  Nkpogu Zone2 in Igwuocha Province, recently and Successfully conducted a Zonal Mock Referendum Cum Evangelism Awareness, for BIAFRANS which are not IPOB members yet rather residents in those areas. It was Concluded remarkably, were exhaustive teachings were carried out on details of our planned Referendum.

These exercise was Specifically conducted by the Principal Officers of Nkpogu Zone2 in Igwuocha, ably led by the Zonal Co-ordinator, Mazi Anniekan Okon Igbanka,  a formidable HardCore Biafran from Obot-Akara in Ikot-Epene Province of Biafra Land. The Campaign was mainly conducted to reach out to those our Riverine Brethren (Coastal Brothers) in the Coastal Region (So called South South) to access their Level of Acceptance to the Biafran Project cum Biafra Referendum.we must tell you, what we Experienced was indeed very Fantastic and Positive. We made sure the People were effectively Sensitized, which includes Proper Education on the need of a Biafra Referendum, Voters Education (Proper way of Voting) and also Eligibility or Credibility before our  National and International Observers representing NGOs, Governmental Organization, Stakeholders and International/Global Community and also Encouraged them to personally spread the Gospel. In the course of the Zonal Mock Referendum Exercise, we covered areas such as Nkpogu, Trans-amadi,  Okujagu, Ogbunabali, Garrison,  Aba Road,  Town, Waterlines, Marine-base also Elekiahia,  Rumukalagbor, Rumuola etc.

Ballot papers were printed out and given to only BIAFRANS who are not IPOB members to exercise their Lawful Right. (This is not to deprive anyone, rather to show case the Opinion of BIAFRANS at Large). This is the result of the Zonal Mock Referendum below. We moved through the nooks and crannies of the street of Igwuocha and the percentage of Participants via provinces are: Abia Province - 14.60% (87 BIAFRANS), Akwa Ibom Province ~ 24.66% (147 BIAFRANS), Anambra Province ~ 5.20% (31 BIAFRANS), Bayelsa ~0.34% (2 BIAFRANS), Cross River Province ~ 1.51% (9 BIAFRANS), Delta Province ~ 2.52% (15 BIAFRANS), Ebonyi Province ~ 4.02% (24 BIAFRANS), Enugu Province ~ 7.38% (44 BIAFRANS), Imo Province ~ 20.81% (124 BIAFRANS), Idoma Province [Benue] ~ 0.67% (4 BIAFRANS), Igala Province [Kogi] ~ 1.17% (7 BIAFRANS), Igbanke Province [Edo] ~ 0.18% (1 BIAFRAN), Rivers Province ~ 16.94% (101 BIAFRANS).

A total number of 596 Biafrans partook in this exercise from their different respective Provinces (Residing in Igwuocha) in those Percentage.  Only 18 out of the total 596 participants voted for/to remain in Nigeria. BIAFRANS residing across Biafra Land were very eager to Participate in the process. The results were Counted and Calculated, and it showed that Almost all BIAFRANS in Igwuocha Metropolis were indeed ready for Biafra Referendum proper.

BIAFRANS from Abia province gave 97.7% Support towards Biafra Referendum; Akwa Ibom Province 97.9% Support, Anambra Province 100% Support, Bayelsa Province 100% Support, Cross River Province 100% Support, Delta Province 100% Support, Ebonyi Province 100% Support, Enugu Province 100% Support, Imo Province 99.1% Support, Idoma[Benue] Province 100% Support, Igala [Kogi] Province 71.4% Support, Igbanke [Edo] Province 100% Support and finally Rivers Province 90.1% Supported the call for Biafra Referendum.
The victory was overwhelming with a total support of Biafra and Biafra Referendum in the just Concluded Zonal Mock Referendum with a Mighty percentage/LandSlide Percentage of 96.98%.

We the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) Nkpogu Zone2 Igwuocha want to Appreciate CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA for his Protection, Strength and Courage guiding us through for the total Restoration of our Sovereign Nation Biafra.  We must appreciate our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and ask that Chukwu Okike Abiama Protect him where ever he might be held by the Zoo(Nigerian) Government and bring him back safely to us all again. Biafrans in Biafra Land especially we ask that we all get Prepared, Preach the Gospel of BIAFRA REFERENDUM because It's BIAFRA OR BIAFRA.

From: Chimaobi Ifeanyi. U. Mba (Nkpogu Zone2 Media Head)
For Igwuocha Media

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