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Saturday 11 May 2019



It is so disheartening that someone with the zeal of a better future for himself or herself tend to look the other way, while the country is soaked in gruesome humanitarian crisis and gross abuse of the rights of her citizens.

We come across a lot of negative things that have bared our hearts and humanitarian conducts to the ills of the Nigerian State. From the constant and mindless killings by the Fulani Herdsmen, the state sponsored terrorist attacks by the Nigerian Military on peaceful protesters, the selective political treachery called corruption fighting, the abuse of the Judicial system, crack down on the right of the citizens such as ( Freedom of Protests, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press), socio-economic decadence and the comatose state of the Educational System.

Worse of all is the non-reactionary attitude of the citizens to which all these economic negativity affects. The selfishness and the crude nature to which the citizens of the Nigerian State react to this socio-political and socio-economic abberation is troubling.

Today, we are faced with the glaring abuse of our Educational System. From the statistics of rational thought and fundamental assertions, the Nigerian Educational System cannot at this point in the 21st century guarantee the citizens a positive life, both social and economic through the application of formal education.

Our community schools are now in a dilapidated state. No chalk or ink board, no roofs or windows, no chairs and tables. Even the house dogs of some of the Nigerian political leaders cannot live in such horrendous state. Yet, we as a people want to produce the best engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, writers that can compete favorably with the best in the world. In all these, there is an obvious sense of acceptance of this educational decadence as a norm with the uninformed and socially tamed citizens who struggle to make ends meet at the expense of the exposed tyranic leadership imposed on the citizens. Words are not enough to decry the extent of terror and the state of education decline within the state. Is there any hope in sight? In curiosity one may ask. How can we overcome this educational setback?

With a poverty index ratio on the world rating according to world Bank, nearly 50% of Nigerian citizens are living in extreme poverty. Owing to this verifiable assertion, it is confident to state that the political institution of the Nigerian State is using Poverty as a tool to further demonize and weaken the conciousness of her citizens.

The only hope within the educational sector is the opportunists who have built magnificent buildings and called them private schools, where most of these schools extort money from parents in exchange for substandard education or may be, schools owned by churches to help groom wards of their members in which owing to it's poor funding, the educational assessment is very poor.

A graduate of the present day Nigeria is painfully adjudged an illiterate because the Nigerian educational system is in a comatose state and the provision of paid job after graduation is not guaranteed within the scope of merit. No internship programs, no adequate industrial training programs. In all ramifications the educational system has lost its integrity within the Nigerian State and this has resulted in constant engagement of the Nigerian youths in internet fraud tagged "yahoo-yahoo".

The Nigerian political class must be held accountable for the total collapse of it's educational system. They must not be allowed to sacrifice the collective future of the socio-economic and educational system on the altar of political bigotry and fallacy. Everyone is a stakeholder in this line of thought.

I am of the opinion that the law should bind all leaders to have their wards and children attend schools within the Nigerian State. Otherwise the hope of restoring the educational system is bleak.

Written by Chukwunonso Anioke

Edited by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

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