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Friday, 29 July 2016

Another Round of Genocide in Lagos communities as Soldiers throws bombs at innocent civilians.

Another Round of Genocide in Lagos communities as Soldiers throws bombs at innocent civilians.

By Comrade Chukwu Ogbu
For Family Writers

Nigeria government has again carried out another phase of genocide as they bombarded Lagos communities in their search for the Niger Delta Avengers.

A resident of the affected community who confided in family writers said that the military attacked Fatola, in search of the Niger Delta Avengers(NDA), adding that houses around the area were bombarded, as over 1800 People were counted Dead. The source further

disclosed that Nigerian Air Force were using fighter jets throwing napal bombs and shelling the whole area.

In an effort to make sure that the Nigeria soldiers dealt bitterly with Niger Delta Avengers(NDA), they gunned down hundreds of fleeing residence who were not members of the propose Militant Group. Another resident simply identify as Olawale said people in the

area had already deserted their homes due to the bombardment. From the ongoing investigations conducted by Family Writers investigator, it was revealed that the code name of the OPERATION, is OPERATION AWATSE, initiated by the Nigeria defence headquarters to dominate the area with a view to flushing out all manners of criminals.

But today reverse is the case. THE OPERATION AWATSE as codenamed has significantly proven a failure as they have exterminated members of

Lagos Community. We therefore use this medium to call on the intervention of the International communities, World Leaders, and Human Right Organization to quickly caution the Nigeria Army and bring them to book for all the whole genocide been carried out in Nigeria and also in Biafraland.


  1. They were not searching or looking for any Avenger. The fact is that the Hausa-Fulani and their brothers are feeling threatened by the stance of some educated and notable Yorubas on Biafra and the need to restructure Nigeria.
    The Yorubas have been their strength all these years as they maintained their hold through their soldiers and the usual barbaric ways - which they understand to be cleverness. Being educated, the Yorubas themselves are getting as frustrated as the Ibos with these uncivilized people and the lack of progress in the project called Nigeria. Hence they have started to speak up. We know some of the reasons for this sudden change, but it is not necessary to mention that here. Nevertheless, let us put it this way: "if a man decides to kill his native doctor, have his adversaries who are after him dropped dead?". Sort it out yourself.
    It is clear that the Hausa-Fulani are getting uncomfortable with the state of things now that some sort of weakness is appearing in the usual strong support they have always enjoyed from the Yorubas.
    The first inclination is to try to steer up hatred between Biafra and the Yorubas. However, given that IPOB and MASSOB are not using force, they cannot increase the animosity between Ibos and Yorubas - especially as the 2014 confab enjoyed the support of both Yorubas and Ibos. . Hence the question of coursing increased enmity between Ibo and Yorubas is dead. One can see that with the position of these educated Yorubas, it seems that there appears to be united Southern part of Nigeria. That is why they have to turn towards the Avengers and the Niger Delta Militants. They simply want to create enmity between the Yorubas and the Niger Delta so as to weaken this emerging force of the south. As usual and customary with this people, they don't have any value for life and wont mind to waste so many lives just for this reason.
    The people who are doing the killings at Ikorodu, Igando, and anywhere in Yoruba Land are sent by Buhari and his Army chief of staff who they call bura uba or something like that. These desperate people are not humans like us. They don't mind wiping out an entire race for the sake of holding onto the Niger delta oil.
    To achieve this, they have set up the support structure in the security council of their country where there is no southerner or Christian. Nnow, they can decide to go anywhere using their local army with which they said they confronted Boko Haram. These are the people doing the work. This local vigilante army are now their killer squad for achieving their new agenda. We can also see that the grazing bill has been understood by many, the Fulani herdsmen have been exposed. What you are seeing in Lagos is the new face of the Jihad. He who has ears let him hear.

    1. i dont think you guys know what you are talking about where did you get the information that the air force threw booms at fleeing resident, this is a show of shame if you cannot gather your fact right before taking to the social media


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