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Saturday 1 April 2017

IPOB: Constant Attack On Amnesty International By The Nigerian Government Is A Direct Attack On Biafrans

IPOB: Constant Attack On Amnesty International By The Nigerian Government Is A Direct Attack On Biafrans

By Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers

The Nigerian government through a faceless human right group sponsored a protest against Amnesty International even as it was described by many as an attack aimed at humiliating and subjecting AI into submission to do her bidding by not giving an authentic report of their findings. In the past weeks, some rented hungry mobs by the Nigeria government were seen with an inscription on their vest "Enough Is Enough” on the streets of Abuja heading towards Amnesty International headquarters, attacked AI and urged them to exit from Nigeria because Nigeria is allergic to truth and sanity.

These hungry mobs were also captured on a pictorial evidence which went viral on different social media platforms sharing money paid to them by their sponsor (Nigerian government) which further exposes the frustration of the Nigerian government and her determination to tarnish the sacred and hallowed image and reputation of AI which they had sacrificed all they had to earn over the years. The constant and sustained attack on Amnesty International by the Nigeria government is an affront to human right and justice of all nations inhabiting in that geographical space.

The Nigeria government is a gross violator of human right and persistent attacks on AI is a case in point, even as it serves as a ploy to continue their murderous and consistent onslaught and clamp down on innocent citizens with impunity. The threat on Amnesty International by the Nigeria government is a direct threat to Biafrans and all the aggrieved and oppressed people in Nigeria under the dictatorship of Muhammadu Buhari 's led government and people of good conscience must rise up in defence of this respected and reputed world Human Right Organization so as not to allow the murderous Nigeria government in luring them into cowardice.


Nigeria government has intensified her attacks on Amnesty International, from denying the staggering and damning reports of forensic investigation recently conducted and published by Amnesty International, to accusing the viable and reputable Human Right body of stage-managing their witnesses who indicted the Nigeria state and her military of committing atrocious crime against the Indigenous People Of Biafra-IPOB, other Nigerians and humanity at large. AI was also accused of faking both the video and pictorial evidences gathered during the cause of the investigation against the Nigeria government by Amnesty International. The Nigeria government led by Mohammadu Buhari and controlled by deadly cabals from Northern part of Nigeria has vowed to stop at nothing in eliminating any group, organization, institution and even individuals that will rise against their nefarious and evil activities against humanity or that will expose all the atrocities perpetuated by this murderous government, such groups will be pushed into oblivion or ruthlessly cowed into submission.

The Nigerian government has also continued to expose  her  barbarism by trying to "lobby" or bribe Amnesty International in order to keep them mute or sing her praises while they rampage and violate human right of the Biafran people and other Nigerian citizens without anyone raising an eyebrow against them. Amnesty International took to social media platform and posted thus:

 "Nigerian government is attacking us because
we refused to be bribe with money.
 You can not kill (200) people within 24hrs and
  expect us to remain silent, you must be
  questioned for such atrocity
  We look forward to meet Nigerian government
  In court.

This incisive post by Amnesty International clearly tells you all you need to know about Nigeria government under Muhammadu Buhari led APC government. This empirical evidence further exposes Nigeria and also buttresses why the sustained attacks on AI. It also exposed the rascality, fraud, frustration and corrupt practices going on in the Nigeria seat of power. Trying to lure Amnesty International to succumbing to intimidation by bribing them with tax-payers money while an average Nigerian is suffering and wallowing in excruciating pains occasioned by bad policies of the government and accompanied recession which has overwhelmed the economy of Nigeria and turned her citizens to miscreants and cannibals, Nigeria government has been caught on the web of moral terrorism and corruption and must be made to face justice.


Biafrans and people of good conscience should rise in defence of Amnesty International which has been upright and transparent in conducting investigations and reporting it as well. Amnesty International has shown strong commitment in defending humanity against dictatorship and aggressive regime of the government of the world and Nigeria in particular and must not be allowed to walk alone in this perilous and trying time in which the Nigeria government is hellbent in tarnishing the image and reputation of one of the world most viable and recognized human right watch. If Nigeria government is allowed to humiliate and intimidate Amnesty International into submission, then, humanity entrapped in this part of the world will be reduced to endangered species ever living on this planet.

Amnesty International has lived up to its expectation in defending the weak, less privileged and has been a voice to the voiceless and the oppressed people of the world including Biafrans. They have also questioned the Nigeria government on the atrocities meted out against the Biafran people; inhuman and degrading treatment which includes extra-judicial killing and forceful disappearance of IPOB members from 2015 till date. The continuous existence of Amnesty International in Nigeria is the continuous existence of Biafrans until Biafra is restored. Point blank, the exit of Amnesty International from Nigeria will breed a fertile ground for further decimation and brutal extermination of Biafrans in Nigeria especially now that Biafrans have not gotten their independence.  Biafrans must stand with Amnesty International in order to bring the Nigeria government to justice which will lead to and enhance the restoration of Biafra and further places Nigeria to her rightful position in the face of the world and humanity.


Edited by Emeka Gift
For Family Writers


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